Have you noticed the dramatic uptick in MANMADE ‘natural disasters’ throughout the pivotal year of 2023 due to the……

…the hybrid warfare crimes committed by the World Elite in a combined action with the Deep State military monopoly of covert black technologies resources

By Claudio Resta | VT

In facts many evil minds must secretly work to develop such means able to terrorize, destabilize and impoverish entire nations, so that all this becomes an operational reality.

Beyond the booming of leaks in knowledge in semi-covert unofficial open military technologies that have been spreading all around in recent years particlarly after 9/11 regarding the existence of possible technologies for climate modification (HAARP), first, as well as the existence of other technologies capable of generating plasma (PAMIR) that cause earthquakes, see also the following insights…as well as other technologies that can produce fires and other strange effects through the emission of coherent electromagnetic radiation (Laser) of appropriate frequencies either microwaves or else gamma rays…

I want to point up an important statistical consideration.

Considering that only the latest event of a catastrophic nature occurred in Derna and nearby in Libya on 12 September 2023,

its association and combined with in a very short time with other rather singular catastrophic events is extremely rare (no others are remembered within living memory): such as the earthquake that occurred in Morocco on September 9, 2023 which destroyed buildings that were several centuries old! (and therefore it hasn’t happened for centuries at least with this intensity) as well as the very singular fires and other strange effects in various ways that I have already written about in some recent articles on VT foreign policy that occurred in Maui, Hawaii, on August 14, 2023 and around…

What is the statistical probability that all such events, already rare if taken in a singular and isolated way, in a joint combined action may have a natural origin?

I am not able to quantify it in an exact and scientific way because I think no statistical studies have been carried out to compare the probability of such events but in my personal opinion and making a subjective estimate I would say that the probability that such events have a natural origin tends to zero.

Current geophysical weapons would allow:

– The destruction of the ozone layer above specific surfaces by “burning” with solar radiation;

– Affect water resources (floods, tsunamis, storms, landslides);

– Weather disasters (tornadoes, typhoons, cyclones, downpours) as well as the general climate in a particular area (drought, frost, erosion).

– Earthquakes and tsunamis.

As is well known in the United States, this type of weapon is called “HAARP”, or “Active search of the auroral area of the ‘Northern Light’ program”, the result of the “Strategic Defense Initiative” (SDI or Star Wars). After September 11, 2001, air defense systems were installed around HAARP.

The installation was built jointly by the US Navy and US Air Force, officially to study the nature of the ionosphere and the development of air and missile defense systems.

However, many researchers believe that in reality the complex acts on global and local natural mechanisms, in countries adversaries of the United States.

In the opinion of many experts HAARP may possibly:

– Cause artificial auroras;

– Disrupt over-the-horizon radar stations that monitor ballistic missile launches and even eliminate the enemy telecommunications system in a particular area of the planet;

– Destroy intercontinental missiles by overheating their electronic components;

– Control weather conditions by ionizing the upper atmosphere;

– Changing human behavior by transmitting electromagnetic radiation of a particular range, stimulating states of confusion in people;

– Detect mineral resources, underground tunnels or natural cavities using X-rays;

– Deactivate spacecraft.

But when a higher level of output power is reached (officially the United States declares that the transmission power of HAARP is “only” 6.5 MW, like the first nuclear power plant in the world, that of Obninsk.

With the capacity between 65 and 650 MW, (and perhaps even more), HAARP may influence the atmosphere, to the point of causing natural disasters: powerful storms, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

Then using very different technologies such as a Pamir generator (of Soviet origin) and exact geological data, the military could, in potentially “hostile” areas, or for geo-political reasons, trigger a devastating earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption… .

– Here are the original pages of IVTAN, the Russian Institute for High Temperatures, which talks about one of these Pamir generators: http://www.ihed.ras.ru/mg/otdel6.htm http://www.ihed.ras.ru/mg/Pamir3U.htm

An MHD generator such as Pamir (also called “plasma generator”) with linear Faraday escapement, powered by solid cesium or sodium explosives (propergol) (substances with low ionization potential). The escapement expels ionized gas at 3000° between two or more electromagnets. It develops 4.8 tesla, and has electrodes that collect the currents generated during a few seconds (15000 to 25000 A on 1000V).

Finally, as I wrote recently, using very powerful directed energy technologies of a new type such as the weapons made by AFRL, the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate, present at Maui Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS) Site it is possible to cause very focused anomalous fires as well as a very singular physical phenomenon for which there is still no theoretical explanation but which nevertheless exists: the Hutchison effect.

Finally the Rand Corporation (see the video below) does seem to have been working a lot in this direction after September 1945 till now…


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