Total War: From Maui to the Coming Covid Lockdown

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

On Tuesday, the Republican Tea Party of Sebring, Florida, invited me to speak to the conservative audience at the Vietnam Veterans of America hall (Chapter 1097) about where America is at in the 5th Generation Information War, aka WWIII.

The grizzled, seasoned audience grew shocked as I moved through the 20-slide Deck (attached at the bottom). Over one hour, I covered four key areas, which was followed by a lively Q&A session.

The four (4) hot topics covered only a portion of the “Total War” we find ourselves in with the Cabal’s dismantling of the West with the help of Communist China’s “Unrestricted Warfare” doctrine, in which anything goes. No laws. No civilian rights. No Law of War Manual or international code.

The latest Four Horsemen of Apocalypse included:

  1. Maui DEW fire
  2. COVID-19 comeback
  3. Red Dawn invasion
  4. Financial Crash

[Credit: Deck image created by James Grundvig.]

The video at the top is AMP Media’s Major Jeffrey Prather providing military intelligence that Chinese satellites were indeed hovering over Maui at the time of the laser Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) fire that incinerated everything in Lahaina, except material items painted or dyed blue and the green trees.

Total War Presentation

What concerned retired Vietnam veterans, their partners and families, and other free Americans who attended the event came down to the health and sovereignty of the United States of America and, naturally, the coming global financial meltdown.

On the fourth leg of my discussion, I created a timeline of key events that we are facing now if things are not corrected.

[Credit: Deck image created by James Grundvig.]

First, the good news. The “Fed Now” coin isn’t available now. Nor will it be by the end of the year. The EU version of CBDC won’t be ready this autumn either. That’s not me telling you or guesswork. It’s Christine Legard, the French lawyer and politician who has served as the president of the European Central Bank since 2019, who complained that the European CBDC wouldn’t be ready until at least this October. Bureaucrats are always behind schedule. So, like the Fed Coin, the European CBDC won’t be ready to implement until the first quarter of 2024, at the earliest.

Also good news, Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19 on Labor Day. Why is that good news? Corrupt politicians testing positive often are pulled off the chessboard and return months later like wheelchair-bound Senator Diane Feinstein and Senate Majority Speaker Mitch “Glitch” McConnell. Short a few marbles. Way past their expiration date. Pulled out of stepping into their tomb. So, let’s see what version of Jill Biden comes back or whether she returns at all to center stage.

The Looming Financial Crash

October is the month of harvest, blood rituals for the Satanic Cabal, and days when the bloom of summer comes off the golden apple tossed into the wedding by Eris, the Greek goddess of strife and discord. Chaos ensues, blowing up the party.

In our case, we are facing a triple witching hour, a point of convergence not run by Wall Street charts and graphs, but by major breaking points.

On October 1, the likelihood of a government shutdown looms large. Like a growing shadow. Will President Joe Biden sign his death warrant with a clause on impeaching the POTUS of the defunct USA Incorporation? Hard to imagine. But like Glitch McConnell, anything is possible with Jurassic Joe.

Take a government shutdown and combine that with the BRICS+S (now 11 more nations) breakaway currency in mid-October and the financial problems for the United States and dollar reserve multiple, while Bidenflation soars into hyperdrive. With gas ready to surge past $105 a barrel, what would expensive food prices look like atn $150 a barrel? $20 carton of eggs, anyone?

Toss is Belligerent Biden locking down the United States–a hard Locdown 2.0–and the economy goes off the rails. But that’s not all. Not even close.

As we at AMP News and others, Like Ed Dowd and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, have been reporting the coming Covid-19 vaccine (bioweapon) tsunami, Black Swan, event horizon of injuries, deaths, and disabilities. Numbers that will be so great that lying mainstream media will come out and discuss their own family losses to the Covid-19 clot shots, like Megyn Kelly, did this week.

As they say on the set of a Zombie movie in Hollywood, “that’s a wrap.”

The Biden regime is done. Put a fork in them. The slumbering masses will be shocked awake. When that happens they won’t grieve via the five-points of grief, but will come with torches and pitchforks in a reckoning that will make Antifa and BLM thugs tremble with fear.

Enjoy the show.



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