FIRE SIGN!!! Bohemian Grove Participant Kevin McCarthy Accused of Wearing Bohemian Club Logo in Hawaii

What Does The Owl Represent?

by Patrick Howley

Globalist Republican U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been accused of appearing in public in Hawaii wearing the owl logo of the Bohemian Club, the elitist group that runs the globalist occult hangout Bohemian Grove.

This comes just weeks after McCarthy attended Bohemian Grove, the site of disturbing allegations of ritual child sex abuse and documented evidence of occult ceremonies.

The American people are still asking questions about what really happened In Hawaii during destructive wildfires that have left numerous children missing.

Take a look at the logo on McCarthy’s shirt, spotted by our tipster, and then take a look at the creepy logo of the Bohemian Club.


National File recently reported:

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly attended Bohemian Grove in California this year. Wealthy and powerful politicians, tycoons, and media propagandists attend the secretive Bohemian Grove estate, run by the Bohemian Club. The Grove has long been accused of occult practices and has even been accused of hosting child sex slavery and child snuff porn. Paul Bonacci, who said that he witnessed child snuff porn at Bohemian Grove during his time as a child trafficking victim, won a $1 million judgment in court from the politically-connected alleged ringleader of the “Franklin Coverup.” Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi is a high-ranking figure at Bohemian Grove. Alex Jones famously infiltrated the Grove and found the globalist elites performing a “Cremation of Care” burning-effigy ceremony, apparently to worship Moloch.

POLITICO Playbook reported that a tipster identified McCarthy’s presence at the Grove, reporting: “House Speaker KEVIN McCARTHYMcCarthy’s office didn’t return a message about the event last night, but we understand that the speaker was heard making remarks that were bullish on DONALD TRUMP winning the GOP nomination. Not exactly Oppenheimer-level discourse, but given the pair’s recent troubles, the Trump campaign was happy to hear the readout. “President Trump and Speaker McCarthy have historically had a very good relationship,” said a Trump aide.” (Politico passage ends)

The documentary Save the Babies 2: Pelosi, Pedophilia, and the Dead CPS Children Near Bohemian Grove (WATCH THE FILM AT THIS LINK) chronicles disturbing facts about the Child Protective Services (CPS) system in America, with a special focus on an area in northern California where children have died in CPS custody. We spoke to parents and survivors of CPS child trafficking and we have revealed that foster kids are getting placed into the nightmarish life of child prostitution. In Contra Costa County, California, children who died in county custody have been returned to their families either in a sealed casket or with their remains cremated? What is happening to the babies?

As the film’s description states: “In this daring documentary, executive producer Patrick Howley explores the epidemic of children dying in the Child Protective Services system near Bohemian Grove in California, and breaks bombshell information about Nancy Pelosi’s links to pedophilia in the area. A follow-up to his previous documentary “Save the Babies,” Howley’s film will startle you and make you see the world in a different way.”

The CPS scandal is spreading like wildfire around the United States of America as more victims come forward.

I recently executive-produced Save the Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking (WATCH IT HERE) to expose how CPS snatches kids from homes and hospitals and funnels them into the underground world of child sex slavery. States collect Title IV Social Security money for every child adopted out of foster care, thus creating financial incentives for social workers to grab kids from their families and place them into foster care with no hope for family re-unification.

The film spotlighted Contra Costa County, California, where children have died in the CPS system a short distance away from Bohemian Grove, where globalist elites reportedly practice Moloch worship. Meanwhile, Harvard-trained medical doctor Susan Spell’s case against the county of Los Angeles, in which she accuses the county of racial discrimination against her children, is docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court and could end up changing precedent. A Fox affiliate broadcast a video, which was taken by a teenage foster girl, showing a CPS worker trying to coerce the young girl into a life of prostitution: Stay tuned for Save the Babies 3!


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