Is “Exercise Sea Breeze” a prelude to False Flag in Ukraine?

Renee Parsons

On the verge of a catastrophic US defeat as predicted by Col. Douglas MacGregor, it might have only been a matter of time before Ukraine would attempt to ratchet up the conflict and launch a major attack against Russia’s state-of-the-art naval base in the Crimea located at Sevastopol on the Black Sea.  

The pre-dawn attack was a direct hit inside the base’s dry dock area and caused “severe damage’, perhaps beyond repair, to Russia’s most substantial naval assets including unknown fatalities.  The attack deployed three UK-supplied Storm Shadow missile strikes along with unmanned drones as a Ukraine spokesman told Reuters ‘we confirm that a large landing vessel and submarine were hit; we do not comment on the means used for the strike.     

Under international rules of war, Russia has total justification to respond directly to the UK as purveyor of the weapons in what was clearly a deliberate military attack – which is, of course, exactly what the warmongering US neocons are hoping for.   

The question remains why Ukraine would initiate such a blatantly suicidal attack sure to stir a major response from Russia; as if inviting a no-holds-barred nuclear retaliation, although, no doubt, finding a way to accuse Russia as the aggressor for escalating the conflict into a full fledged WW III.  

That demented concept only makes sense if it can be within the realm of the believable that certified lunatics are in control of US, NATO and western foreign policy with a willingness to sacrifice its own country, its own population and rest of the world in order to forestall the 2024 election.  Crazy….or maybe not. 

However, Russia has repeatedly warned that the ‘decision making centers’ those which provide weapons to Ukraine (London, Brussels, Berlin, Paris and the US) would be held accountable as former Russian President Medvedev has repeatedly reiterated the need to retaliate against those western sources of weapons.

It is essential to be aware that what was once the US’s most significant naval port at Norfolk, Virginia was reconstituted in 2019 into a NATO naval base with hundreds of European NATO employees. The transformation at Norfolk occurred without any Congressional debate or vote or Presidential approval.  In other words, if Russia were to follow through on its threat to hold ‘decision making’ nations responsible, NATO’s base on the east coast of Virginia would be vulnerable. 

Mike Adams put some pieces together recently and contemplated the possibility that there is some more sinister plot in the works like a potential false flag scenario.  

With opening ceremonies of “Exercise Sea Breeze” coincidentally on September 11 in Romania, the US Sixth Fleet inclusion was “aimed to enhance the capabilities of Black Sea maritime security forces while training and preparing the Ukraine Maritime Command staff.” 

Does that raise any one’s alarm bell?  What is the true purpose for holding Sea Breeze naval exercises in the Black Sea at this time?   

One potential suggests that US desperation of its final military failure is sufficient rationale for navy personnel to be expendable for the ‘greater neocon good’ in a false flag scenario is too horrific to consider.     

Understanding that Russia has been in the US cross hairs since collapse of the USSR in 1990 with its wealth of natural resources, the evil empire’s true history of Pearl Harbor and the 911 Plan speaks for itself.  There are no coherent heads in the White House, the Pentagon or State Department; only genocidal vampires who thrive on war to exist.

Adams hypothesizes a ground zero attack meant to outrage the American public into support  for WW III, a pre planned situation blaming Russia of an unprovoked attack, by planting some hypersonic gizmo or deceitful detonation sufficient to launch total destruction of The Bear as a long held fantasy of the globalists. 

All of which raises the uncomfortable question about how a majority of Congress (neo-marxist Dems and RINOs) allowed itself to become entrapped in an irrational hatred for Russia while providing unknown billions of dollars of weapons and cash to the Ukraine Nazis and yet persist in refusing an audit.  Do RINOs have a modicum of awareness that the First Amendment and now the Second Amendment are both under attack by the neo Marxist Democrats?    

There is no end to the madness that Ukraine is the product of obscene Congressional largesse to massively fund NATO’s war in defiance of budget reality.  RINO militarists are willing to risk global catastrophe and fail to grasp the full implications of having brought the existence of the world’s greatest Constitutional Republic to a conclusion. 

It remains a puzzlement how Senate RINOs justify maintaining the decrepit Uniparty leader Mitch McConnell who lost his grip on the survival of humanity well before his recent indefensible harangue ‘this is no time to go wobbly on Ukraine.’ 

As the normally temperate and globally respected Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ‘may they be damned regardless of the legal qualifications of their actions; let them burn in hell”.  

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