The procession of scary deadly viruses continues throughout this decade of Plandemics.

India in race to contain brain-damaging disease

READ HERE: Authorities in the southern state of Kerala have imposed restrictions to halt the spread of the deadly bat-borne Nipah virus

India is facing a renewed surge of the deadly Nipah virus after six people were infected with the brain-damaging disease in the southern state of Kerala, two of whom have died.

Schools, colleges and tuition centers have been closed until September 24 as a precautionary measure, while the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have stepped up security in border districts in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George said 1,080 people have been identified who came in contact with infected individuals over the past few days. A total of 327 of these are health workers. The state government is monitoring these individuals for symptoms of infection.

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