The utterly juvenile German foreign minister just chopped off her legs—AGAIN!

German FM labels Xi ‘a dictator’

READ HERE: German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has branded Chinese President Xi Jinping a “dictator,” warning that a Russian victory in the Ukraine conflict could embolden leaders like him.

In an interview with Fox News released on Thursday, Baerbock was asked for her take on how Berlin and the West think the hostilities between Kiev and Moscow will end. According to the foreign minister, the only outcome can be “liberty and peace in Ukraine.”

“Because if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin were to win this war, what sign would that be for other dictators in the world? Like Xi, the Chinese president? So, therefore, Ukraine must win this war,” she said, reiterating Germany’s commitment to support Kiev for “as long as it takes.”

The West must help Ukraine win its conflict against Russia to deter people like the Chinese leader, Annalena Baerbock has claimed

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