America’s highly misguided and dangerous foreign policy puts every US citizen in great jeopardy!

Another SOTN Author’s response to this recent post: HOUSE CENSURE Of RASHIDA TLAIB: A Very Bad Omen for USA

P.S.  In reading the “House Censure of Rashida Tlaib; a very bad omen for the US” it occurs possible that the vote to censure Rep. Tlaib may not be the end of the story.  

Clearly, Tlaib had a God-given Constitutional right to make her statement without fear of retribution or being penalized for her exercise of  ‘free speech’ but as we have already seen via numerous floor votes,  almost the entire 118th Congress is in the pocket of  AIPAC and the Israeli lobby. 

It goes without saying that the First Amendment was written exactly for this purpose where any individual, unpopular or ostracized, retains the absolute right and has earned First Amendment protection without regard to whether that view is popular or correct. 

Here’s one interpretation of the ‘bad omen’ as insinuated in the ‘House Censure’:  

if there is truth that Hezbollah, Syrian or cells representing middle eastern countries are already in the country or are awaiting to mobilize across the Border, it is common sense that members of those cells have been profoundly disturbed by a lack of humanity on the part of the US Congress, a lack of any empathy for the horrific extermination of 11,000 civilians including 4000 + children who  have been murdered by American bombs and weapons as well as willful destruction of every hospital, one-at-a time… should come as no surprise  that they may seek retribution from those who cast evil,  frivolous votes which allowed their children to die crushed under tons of  rubble and without any adequate  health care.   

In other words, the karma of America’s foreign policy which has been brewing for decades  may be coming home to roost specifically to those responsible for manifestation of that foreign policy.  

If anyone needs an example: Obama ordered the US military into Syria originally to engage ISIS or al Nusra or whatever terrorist group was predominant at the time, quickly transformed its mission as Trump/Biden administrations took control of ‘protecting’ Syrian oil and remains in Syria today for that purpose.  When Trump said ‘no new interventionist war’ he was not referring to their natural resources. 

The US was never invited into Syria by President Assad and has refused to honor his request to withdraw US troops but that has made little difference as The Hegemon believes it is entitled anywhere in the World wherever its mission takes it.

To date, not one member of Congress has exhibited any shame, any regret or sorrow at how defenseless Palestinian civilians and its children have suffered, even members of America First who now more accurately represent Israel First as the preferred byword.   Even the feeble-minded Macron has appealed to Israel to ‘stop killing Gaza’s women and children.” 

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