“Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll”: Here’s where and how the social engineering scheme, mind-control program and global psyop began

Where the Hippie Generation & Rock ‘n’ Roll
Met the C.I.A. and Tavistock Institute

Submitted by A Truth-Seeking Baby Boomer
SOTN Exclusive

What follows is perhaps the single most fascinating account of what really happened to the Baby Boom Generation from the 1960s through the 1980s and right up to the present day.

Every Baby Boomer will want to read this highly detailed exposé of the most meticulously planned and elaborate black operation ever to be perpetrated against an entire generation in human history.

For those who want to know the “Why?” more than the “Who, What, Where and How”, the following link reveals that well concealed purpose(s).

The Epic Generational Feud That
Dictated The Destiny Of The World

People, it doesn’t get any bigger than OPERATION BABY BOOMER.

“And, because the central pillar of OPERATION BABY BOOMER was the Tavistock-designed strategy of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll”, it’s absolutely crucial for Boomers, young and old, to correctly understand WTF really happened to their entire generation culminating with the COVID-19 biowar which was specifically launched to genocide their age group.
(Source: OPERATION BABY BOOMER: The Boomers Don’t Even Know What They Don’t Know)

The reason why this relatively unknown story is so friggin’ important is because it conclusively proves the extraordinary extent to which the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Intelligence Community, U.S. Armed Forces, Corporate America, American Healthcare System, University Systems & Private Colleges and Corporate Media would deceptively collude and closely conspire to attempt to wreck and ruin an entire 20-year generation.

KEY POINT: Just like President John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated in the most public of settings as a message to all future heads of state never to leave the NWO reservation, the 1969 Tate–LaBianca murders were perpetrated under the direction of CIA mind-controlled Charles Manson as a gruesome warning to the entire Celebrity Society to go with the flow of Cultural Marxism.  In other words, just as the Khazarian Cabal routinely threatens every world leader with the prospect of being JFKed should they blatantly impede the New World Order agenda, any Hollywood actor or Nashville singer or Professional athlete will be susceptible to being “Mansoned” should they buck the trend toward total societal degradation, sexual depravity and moral degeneracy.  Hence, we see all of America’s biggest stars and celebrities and VIPs today leading the charge to irreparably tear the fabric of American society.

BOTTOM LINE: This piece has been posted primarily as a cautionary tale and clarion call for the second half of the Baby Boom Generation (that would be from 1955 through 1964). For we are the standard bearers for the rapidly intensifying Second American Revolution and Civil War 2.0.  Our older Boomer brothers and sisters showed us how it was done when they were the first in world history to successfully shut down a corporate war—the Vietnam War.  That awesome anti-war and peace-making endeavor graphically demonstrated how a popular movement could be formed to throw a HUGE wrench into the massive juggernaut notoriously known as the Military-Industrial Complex.  With the great help and guidance and wisdom coming from their elder Beat Generation brothers and sisters, the Boomers paralyzed that warmongering BEAST.  But only temporarily, as we all know.  With so many of those older Boomers now old and sick, vaxxed and infirm, it now falls on our shoulders (the second half of the Baby Boom Generation) to finish the job they so valiantly started.  It is our destiny to lead the younger generations in this final battle of this last war between the forces of light and powers of darkness.

May great good fortune be ours in this most
highly consequential of global enterprises!

A Truth-Seeking Baby Boomer
State of the Nation
February 4, 2024

N.B. Now get ready to read about the most complex and complicated American conspiracy, carried out by institutional officialdom, of the 20th century.  That brave author and intrepid researcher Dave McGowan was killed by the CIA using their favorite bioweapon–an unusually aggressive form of lung cancer–will also become self-evident from this highly radioactive story.



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