ELECTION THEFT 2020: The Steal Begins in Earnest!

The Democrats have had 4 long years
to steal this election … … … so they
will NOT fail unless the Right poses
an overwhelming force of Patriots
and Truthers which executes a
countervailing strategy that proves
the obvious and legitimate

By their own admission, the Democrat Party has colluded with Deep State and the New World Order globalist cabal to rig the election in order to deprive President Trump of a second term.

Hence, it’s critical for the Patriot Movement to ensure that the 2020 POTUS election outcome represents the actual vote tally per candidate of legal voters.  In the absence of a high-integrity election result, that is declared with absolute certainty and finality, the American Republic will cease to exist as a constitutional republic and representative democracy.

State of the Nation

Fake Polls,
Rigged Debates,
Ballot Harvesting

Big Tech Censorship,
Mail-in Ballot Fraud,
Fixed Voting Precinct Outcomes,
Discarded Trump Votes,
Banned Republican Advertising,
Blocked Tweets and Twitter Accounts,
Hacked Voting Machines,
Dead Voters,
Illegal Voters,
Voter Suppression,
Ballot Box Intimidation,
Talk of 25th Amendment,
Democrat Lawfare in Blue States,
Hillary Clinton’s ‘Don’t Concede’ Demand
Joe Biden’s Claim He Cannot Lose Except by Theft
Nonstop Bashing of Tump and Praising of Biden

False Accusations about GOP Election Theft
Planned Riots in D.C. and Urban Uprisings by Left
Constant Gaslighting of the Electorate by MSM…

Source: ELECTION THEFT 2020: It’s much worst than anyone knew!

There is a tremendous upside to this ongoing election theft by the Democrats.

Trump is being given an unparalleled opportunity to expose the utter corruption and rampant fraud that is rife throughout the entire  U.S. election system and electoral process.


The 2020 POTUS election presents the perfect time and context to reveal the underbelly of American democracy inasmuch as the Democrat Party has committed their crime spree IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

A second Trump term will provide the Patriot Movement to demand that the election system be knocked down and rebuilt in a fashion that is truly hack free.  Above all, the new system must ensure that each and every legitimate vote is properly counted; and that no vote is cast illegally.

How else can such an urgently needed overhaul take place except in the wake of the unprecedented meltdown that’s about to occur between Election Day and Inauguration day? 

Editor’s Note: It had to happen this way.  And, only President Trump could do it.  So, no matter what happens during the rest of 2020 and into 2021, it’s important to understand that the upcoming dramatic demolition of America’s election system is absolutely vital to the continuity to the Republic.  Yes, it’s gonna get ugly—REAL UGLY!  But what wrecking ball in action was ever nice to watch?!  Like SOTN’s Resident Election Analyst suggested: Just sit back, watch the show, and enjoy every moment of this long overdue electoral demolition and ensuing national catharsis.  The country will be much better off when this show is over; and the American people will be much happier when they know their vote is properly counted in the future.

State of the Nation
November 3, 2020

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