Vaccines Are Inserting Nanobots In Your DNA (MUST VIEW Video!)


Scroll to 24:00 and go at least to 29:00. Carbon nanotubes.

With that folksmight want to watch it from near the beginning. I recommend from 9:00.

VLA COMMENT: Give yourself 5 minutes to be blown away.
The idea from Celeste that there is a hollow “carbon nanotube” that can hold bacteria, parasites, even explosives makes a lot of sense.

Dr. Palevesky has recently done an interview where he says he suspects that the covid-19 virus is a parasite/bacteria combo.

I discovered that the bioweaponized Tick (Lyme Disease) is also a parasite/bacteria combo made in the Plum Island high security Lab off of Long Island using this nanotechnology, carbon nanobot.

Perhaps Covid-19 is another advanced version. That is why Dr. Palevsky says that HQC and antibiotic work. HQC is a parasitical…kills the parasite; parasite lets go of the bacteria; the antibiotic kills the bacteria.  No surprise that Fauci and the FDA/CDC is blacklisting it.


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