President Putin calls for a totally revolutionary New World Order


“Love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8)

Not so fast, Sir Klaus Schwab (British knight since 2006) . . .

President Putin calls for love, family and the scrapping of the 120-year British-American Pilgrims Society “centralized and unipolar world order” theory at the (Davos) World Economic Forum

This “unipolar” British-American Pilgrims Society theory (Putin calls this right), founded in 1902, has terrorized our world with the Bolshevik and Cultural Revolutions, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Rwanda, CIA juntas, Cold War, Mideast wars, terrorism 9/11, WACO, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, Fast & Furious, paid migration…—all fueled by false flag propaganda, godless education, predatory banking, fiat currency, toxic vaccines and drugs, abortion, euthanasia, human trafficking, pedophilia, blackmail, extortion, insider trading, money-grubbing spies and surveillance, invasion of privacy, human cell-destroying frequency bombardment, self-anointed “elites”
—all in the name of “P e a c e ”

From the British-American Pilgrims Society 24-step strategy
for their new world order discovered by suffragette Lillian Scott Troy in 1912, then buried by the media for 100 years

Whatever we think we know about Putin, Russia and Russians in the West comes from the lies of British-American Pilgrims Society MSM propaganda and their members in publishing, film and academia.* They lie to us about the overwhelming evidence of 2020 election fraud, so it stands to reason that “news” about Russia is a perpetual cheap shot

*Reuters [Rothschild], AP, UPI, CNN, BBC, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Bloomberg, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.—all founders of the British Pilgrims Society.

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On Jan. 07, 2021, Just three weeks before his World Economic Forum speech, President Putin and his family celebrated Orthodox Christian Nativity (Christmas) liturgy at the chapel of St Nicholas on the island of Lipno, Lake Ilmen, eight kilometers from Veliky Novgorod about 300 miles northwest of Moscow—one of the oldest churches in Russia founded in 1292

Icon of the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Listen: 17th Century Russian Orthodox Christian “spiritual verse” Shepherds of Bethlehem first written by St. Dimitry, Metropolitan of Rostov (1651-1709), an outstanding scholar, poet, and musician of his time.

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