The Cultural Marxist Conspiracy to Destroy the American Founding Fathers Was Started by the…

State of the Nation

Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, there has been an insidious plot afoot to destroy the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

This multi-century conspiracy was hatched in Great Britain by the same New World Order globalist cabal that has forever sought total dominion over the entire Earth.  Isn’t that why the sun never set on the British Empire?!

It was the Monarchy of the United Kingdom that was hell-bent to preserve its empire — at any and all cost — in order to complete the New World Order agenda that had begun much earlier than even the exploitative trading and commerce of the British East India Company in 1600.

Founding Fathers

It’s no coincidence that this exposé was written today on July 4th, 2021.  For the greatest of the Founding Fathers have been under withering assault by all the usual suspects for years.

However, the true perpetrators of this fundamentally cultural marxist scheme to irreparably tear the fabric of American society have eluded detection.  That’s because they are very stealthy and highly deceitful in all of their nefarious undertakings to undermine the heritage and traditions of the American Republic.  The perps know: “Destroy the culture, then take over the nation.”

In point of fact, the Founding Fathers sacrificed life and limb, hearth and home for the sake of establishing a free and independent United States.

Just take a close look at the earthly outcomes of those brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence.  Each one of them knew that, upon signing that utterly scathing indictment of the British Crown, they would be marked men and hunted down by the long arm of the English monarchy, which many of them were.  As follows:

What eventually happened to the 56 Signers
of the Declaration of Independence?

Even in the face of such a disastrous outcome for almost every Founding Father, there are still those remarkably ungrateful Americans who slander and libel the greatest among those great men and women (all of their devoted wives could be counted as Founding Mothers).

But why?

Really, why are US citizens so harsh and ruthless in their constant castigation of the Founding Fathers?!

The vast majority of those ignorant Americans are obviously the naive victims of decades of sophisticated social engineering and subtle mind control programming that originated in the Tavistock Institute in the City of London.  Virtually the entire political Left has fallen prey to this long-planned British strategy to turn the US citizenry against their own great heroes.  Who doesn’t know that the best way to undermine a nation, a society, or a culture is to disparage the true heroes and icons without whom the country would not even exist?

KEY POINT: Do you ever see the British press tear apart their many kings and queens the way they slam the American Founding Fathers?  Yes, they go after the current crop of royals with a vengeance, but we are in the age of the tabloid media. You never see them rip apart their highly esteemed monarchs and leaders who reigned over the past 1000 years.

As for the conservative Right, there are those highly misguided and seriously misinformed souls who really believe that, because many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons, they were bad actors from the very beginning.

These same ignorant fools are completely unaware of the actual context of Freemasonry throughout the 18th century.  Because of their profound lack of historical knowledge and contextual wisdom, these ingrates forever tar the greatest Founding Fathers with the brush of their own dangerous ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

Many of these dense spirits have written elaborate explanations to SOTN over the years selling their utter garbage as they denigrate the greatest men in American history…as well as in world history.

These duplicitous defamers hang their hats on, first, the established fact that the Founding Fathers were, in fact, Freemasons.  They have no clue that Freemasonry had yet to be taken over by the dark side during the Revolutionary Period.  As a matter of historical fact, modern Freemasonry was established by one Compte Saint Germain as a means of covertly overthrowing the tyrannical monarchies of Europe.

Yes, most of the Freemason Lodges today have been totally taken over by The Powers That Be.  However, that was destined to happen given the unfortunate devolution of benevolent secret societies everywhere over the millennia.  Dark forces always lie in wait to take over any institutions that are initially a force for good.

Lest the reader think that this critique is too severe toward the hopelessly dense dunces who continue to parrot such falsehoods about the greatest Founding Fathers, please understand that SOTN has grossly understated the sinfulness of their calumny in this exposé.

Conversely, SOTN recognizes that that these intellectually bereft souls are totally unaware of the true history.  Yes, they can accurately recite the gory details of a series of early American events or happenings, intrigues or machinations, that directly involved some of the main Founding Fathers; but they utterly lack correct comprehension of the critical context, or the hidden back story, or the real motivations, or the tricks that had to be played to outwit the bloody Brits at every turn.  As follows:


Without rehashing any of those grossly misrepresented historical events, it’s of paramount importance for every Patriot to understand that the United States of America shouldn’t even exist today.

In fact, the odds that General George Washington and his ragtag platoons of Minutemen could defeat the most powerful military in the world were a billion to one, if that! (Washington miraculously retreated his way to victory during the entire war with the indispensable assistance of the Count of St. Germain.)  Hence, the Founding Fathers were compelled to utilize every stratagem and artifice necessary to keep the 13 states together and independent.

Count of St. Germain

Also known as the Comte de Saint Germain, the Count of St. Germain is well-known in esoteric circles as the Patron Saint of the United States of America, as well as the Founding Grandfather of the American Republic.

How many Americans even know this vital fact of US history?

That’s right: Very, very few do!

Which means that only a very small group of individuals really understands the single most important blueprint that was painstakingly used for the founding of the USA.

For those truth seekers who are unaware of the enormous and profound role that the Count of St. Germain had in the creation of these once United States of America, please consult the following essential extended essay.

THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages

As an intro to the preceding essay, the following excerpt provides just a glimpse into the crucial part played by the inimitable Count of St. Germain before, during and after the American Revolutionary War.  Simply put, without the constant presence of St. Germain, and his decisive influence on the ever-courageous Founding Fathers during the most critical moments of the Revolutionary Period, there would have been no American Republic.

“It is said that it was St. Germain who mysteriously showed up at the original signing of the Declaration
of Independence and encouraged the very first signature when all present were paralyzed with apprehension.”[11]

SOTN Editor’s Note: The only way that the annual Fourth of July celebrations, going forward, will have any true meaning and/or genuine festivity is for We the People to sincerely honor those great men — the Founding Fathers — who suffered great indignities, withstood awesome hardships, and sacrificed all that they had to form the original “United States” of America.

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The following exhaustive list of men includes all of the Founding Fathers, both major and lesser, who made significant contributions to the establishment of the American Republic.  Note how many there were who most folks have never even heard of.

Name Province/state #
CA (1774) DI (1776) AC (1777) USC (1787)
Andrew Adams Connecticut 1 Yes
John Adams Massachusetts 2 Yes Yes
Samuel Adams Massachusetts 3 Yes Yes Yes
Thomas Adams Virginia 1 Yes
John Alsop New York 1 Yes
Abraham Baldwin Georgia 1 Yes
John Banister Virginia 1 Yes
Josiah Bartlett New Hampshire 2 Yes Yes
Richard Bassett Delaware 1 Yes
Gunning Bedford Jr. Delaware 1 Yes
Edward Biddle Pennsylvania 1 Yes
John Blair Virginia 1 Yes
Richard Bland Virginia 1 Yes
William Blount North Carolina 1 Yes
Simon Boerum New York 1 Yes
Carter Braxton Virginia 1 Yes
David Brearley New Jersey 1 Yes
Jacob Broom Delaware 1 Yes
Pierce Butler South Carolina 1 Yes
Charles Carroll of Carrollton Maryland 1 Yes
Daniel Carroll Maryland 2 Yes Yes
Richard Caswell North Carolina 1 Yes
Samuel Chase Maryland 2 Yes Yes
Abraham Clark New Jersey 1 Yes
William Clingan Pennsylvania 1 Yes
George Clymer Pennsylvania 2 Yes Yes
John Collins Rhode Island 1 Yes
Stephen Crane New Jersey 1 Yes
Thomas Cushing Massachusetts 1 Yes
Francis Dana Massachusetts 1 Yes
Jonathan Dayton New Jersey 1 Yes
Silas Deane Connecticut 1 Yes
John De Hart New Jersey 1 Yes
John Dickinson Delaware 3[a] Yes Yes
Pennsylvania Yes
William Henry Drayton South Carolina 1 Yes
James Duane New York 2 Yes Yes
William Duer New York 1 Yes
Eliphalet Dyer Connecticut 1 Yes
William Ellery Rhode Island 2 Yes Yes
William Few Georgia 1 Yes
Thomas Fitzsimons Pennsylvania 1 Yes
William Floyd New York 2 Yes Yes
Nathaniel Folsom New Hampshire 1 Yes
Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania 2 Yes Yes
Christopher Gadsden South Carolina 1 Yes
Joseph Galloway Pennsylvania 1 Yes
Elbridge Gerry Massachusetts 2 Yes Yes
Nicholas Gilman New Hampshire 1 Yes
Nathaniel Gorham Massachusetts 1 Yes
Button Gwinnett Georgia 1 Yes
Lyman Hall Georgia 1 Yes
Alexander Hamilton New York 1 Yes
John Hancock Massachusetts 2 Yes Yes
John Hanson Maryland 1 Yes
Cornelius Harnett North Carolina 1 Yes
Benjamin Harrison Virginia 2 Yes Yes
John Hart New Jersey 2 Yes
John Harvie Virginia 1 Yes
Patrick Henry Virginia 1 Yes
Joseph Hewes North Carolina 2 Yes Yes
Thomas Heyward Jr. South Carolina 2 Yes Yes
Samuel Holten Massachusetts 1 Yes
William Hooper North Carolina 2 Yes Yes
Stephen Hopkins Rhode Island 2 Yes Yes
Francis Hopkinson New Jersey 1 Yes
Titus Hosmer Connecticut 1 Yes
Charles Humphreys Pennsylvania 1 Yes
Samuel Huntington Connecticut 2 Yes Yes
Richard Hutson South Carolina 1 Yes
Jared Ingersoll Pennsylvania 1 Yes
William Jackson South Carolina 1 Yes
John Jay New York 1 Yes
Thomas Jefferson Virginia 1 Yes
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Maryland 1 Yes
Thomas Johnson Maryland 1 Yes
William Samuel Johnson Connecticut 1 Yes
Rufus King Massachusetts 1 Yes
James Kinsey New Jersey 1 Yes
John Langdon New Hampshire 1 Yes
Edward Langworthy Georgia 1 Yes
Henry Laurens South Carolina 1 Yes
Francis Lightfoot Lee Virginia 2 Yes Yes
Richard Henry Lee Virginia 3 Yes Yes Yes
Francis Lewis New York 2 Yes Yes
Philip Livingston New York 2 Yes Yes
William Livingston New Jersey 2 Yes Yes
James Lovell Massachusetts 1 Yes
Isaac Low New York 1 Yes
Thomas Lynch South Carolina 1 Yes
Thomas Lynch Jr. South Carolina 1 Yes
James Madison Virginia 1 Yes
Henry Marchant Rhode Island 1 Yes
John Mathews South Carolina 1 Yes
James McHenry Maryland 1 Yes
Thomas McKean Delaware 3 Yes Yes Yes
Arthur Middleton South Carolina 1 Yes
Henry Middleton South Carolina 1 Yes
Thomas Mifflin Pennsylvania 2 Yes Yes
Gouverneur Morris New York 2[b] Yes
Pennsylvania Yes
Lewis Morris New York 1 Yes
Robert Morris Pennsylvania 3 Yes Yes Yes
John Morton Pennsylvania 2 Yes Yes
Thomas Nelson Jr. Virginia 1 Yes
William Paca Maryland 2 Yes Yes
Robert Treat Paine Massachusetts 2 Yes Yes
William Paterson New Jersey 1 Yes
Edmund Pendleton Virginia 1 Yes
John Penn North Carolina 2 Yes Yes
Charles Pinckney South Carolina 1 Yes
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney South Carolina 1 Yes
Peyton Randolph Virginia 1 Yes
George Read Delaware 3 Yes Yes Yes
Joseph Reed Pennsylvania 1 Yes
Daniel Roberdeau Pennsylvania 1 Yes
Caesar Rodney Delaware 2 Yes Yes
George Ross Pennsylvania 2 Yes Yes
Benjamin Rush Pennsylvania 1 Yes
Edward Rutledge South Carolina 2 Yes Yes
John Rutledge South Carolina 2 Yes Yes
Nathaniel Scudder New Jersey 1 Yes
Roger Sherman Connecticut 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
James Smith Pennsylvania 1 Yes
Jonathan Bayard Smith Pennsylvania 1 Yes
Richard Smith New Jersey 1 Yes
Richard Dobbs Spaight North Carolina 1 Yes
Richard Stockton New Jersey 1 Yes
Thomas Stone Maryland 1 Yes
John Sullivan New Hampshire 1 Yes
George Taylor Pennsylvania 1 Yes
Edward Telfair Georgia 1 Yes
Matthew Thornton New Hampshire 1 Yes
Matthew Tilghman Maryland 1 Yes
Nicholas Van Dyke Delaware 1 Yes
George Walton Georgia 1 Yes
John Walton Georgia 1 Yes
Samuel Ward Rhode Island 1 Yes
George Washington Virginia 2 Yes Yes
John Wentworth Jr. New Hampshire 1 Yes
William Whipple New Hampshire 1 Yes
John Williams North Carolina 1 Yes
William Williams Connecticut 1 Yes
Hugh Williamson North Carolina 1 Yes
James Wilson Pennsylvania 2 Yes Yes
Henry Wisner New York 1 Yes
John Witherspoon New Jersey 2 Yes Yes
Oliver Wolcott Connecticut 2 Yes Yes
George Wythe Virginia 1 Yes

So you can see, it wasn’t just Washington and Franklin, Jefferson and Adams, Madison and Monroe, Henry and Hancock, Marshall and Jay, Lee and Dickinson, Sherman and  and Livingston, Paine and LaFayette who are considered the Founding Fathers of these United States of America.

It’s also true that mysterious characters like Alexander Hamilton may have surreptitiously operated on the side of the British. (Isn’t that why Hamilton was shot and killed in his duel with Aaron Burr?)  There are always going to be dangerous traitors planted in righteous movements like the Revolutionary Movement of the 1770s.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of those valorous Patriots were completely committed to the formation of the unparalleled American Republic.  As previously written, the “Founding Fathers sacrificed life and limb, hearth and home for the sake of establishing a free and independent United States”.


State of the Nation
July 4, 2021

Recommended Reading

Here, these are our truly GREAT Founding Fathers of the American Republic.

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