OPERATION DELTA VARIANT: The Bioengineered 2021 Covid Wave

2021 Plandemic Perpetuated

by COVID-19 Bioweapons,

Weaponized Covid Vaccines,

False COVID-19 Positives,

and Activation of Global

Quaternary Weapon System

State of the Nation

All the hard evidence now points directly to a transparently fabricated COVID-19 surge which was planned to engineer another Covid wave during the 2021 flu season.

This ridiculous hoax will only continue as fastidiously planned because its a critical phase of the GREAT RESET.  The New World Order globalist cabal knows it must Covid-vaccinate every person on the planet if humanity is to [MEEKLY] accept the draconian measures leading to their totalitarian One World Government.

Because of this looming reality, the Covid perpetrators are determined to keep THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC going indefinitely.  Toward that end, they will use any stratagem or device, to shoehorn the entire planetary civilization into a third year of the fake manmade pandemic.

This highly deceitful plan includes the following schemes:

• the continuous release of different versions of the COVID-19 bioweapons which are being launched in every nation on Earth

• the continuous administration of extremely dangerous and deadly weaponized Covid vaccines

• the use of COVID-19 tests that predictably produce false positives to compel patients into hospitals for life-threatening treatments

• the activation of the Quaternary Weapon System to intensify Covid outbreaks, surges and waves in targeted cities and nations

• the deployment of a global constellation of Starlink 5G-powered satellites connecting to smartphones and the Covid-vaccinated via graphene oxide saturation


Th preceding COVID-19 implementation plans were each carried out with the explicit purpose of rolling out a series of Covid variants in order to perpetuate the Plandemic indefinitely.

Isn’t that just what these variants are doing?

Not only that, but each Covid variant has a specific objective after it’s unleashed on a targeted population. See: Here’s how they’re stealthily testing each different COVID-19 variant in those nations targeted by these very secret and perilous experiments.

It ought to be clear from the chart posted in the preceding link that these variant roll-outs are forever changing in response to the reaction of the targeted nations, especially in view of the gravity and pervasiveness of each ensuing public health disaster.

It’s as though the Covid crime perpetrators have employed a network of AI entities continuously evaluating the Covid predicament on the ground in each locale where COVID-19 has been launched, and then intensified, and the vaccines have been administered.

After each iteration is assessed for efficacy, the AI “boss” issues a new set of marching orders which either continues the same experiment on the unaware populace, intensifies it, or terminates it.  In this way, the perps will keep the Covid Plandemic going as long as necessary to execute the long planned Orwellian GREAT RESET.

KEY POINT: There are multiple means by which the COVID-19 bioweapon is being launched around the world today.  For example, this recent firsthand testimony lays out a major vector of Covid dissemination which has occurred at large public events since the very beginning of this bioengineered pandemic: Is this how the U.S. Military is routinely releasing variants of the COVID-19 bioweapon over public events with a large attendance?


Each variant, especially the ‘dreaded’ Delta variant, is being manufactured via a combination of Covid bioweapons, vaccines, chemtrail formulations and 5G frequencies which are carefully coordinated in each locale to produce maximum effect.

Then the ever-prevaricating and sensationalizing mainstream media amps up the fearmongering so as to produce a psychogenic effect within the victimized city or country.  Many folks actually develop psychosomatic cases of Covid even though the physical disease may not be present.  The false positives from the purposefully defective Covid tests then confirm their worst fears.

The ultimate outcome of this highly complex and convoluted Covid scheme is to infect every person on the planet with COVID-19.  But the primary modes of proliferation of the different Covid variants are now vaccine-driven.

The Delta variant is especially being propagated via the various Covid vaccines.  So are the other variants for that matter.  This method of dissemination allows the perps to compel and/or coerce every government within the world community of nations to bend to their will.  As follows: THE ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING COVID-19 SCARIANTS ! ! ! (Sarc)

The cultural marxist cartoonist unwittingly depicted the Covid hoax hidden agenda above via the very telling representation of the “Delta Scariant”.

State of the Nation
August 8, 2021

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