Here’s what The Covid Criminal Co-Conspirators Do Not Want You To Know

Submitted by a COVID-19 Remediation Coach & Covid Vaccine Consultant

There is no SARS-CoV-2 that has been isolated and scientifically confirmed.

However, there is a COVID-19 bioweapon…actually several variations
which have been released around the world. Each bioweapon has a
different variant trajectory … and each variant has a different mutational
rate, depending on the blood line or race or nationality that’s been targeted.

Then we have the various weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ which produce
their own set of influences/impacts, as well as ensuing symptom sets.
And each subsequent release of the vaccines represents a new generation,
each with different ingredient formulations which trigger different reactions
in vivo.

Then there is the Quaternary Weapon System that, when activated,
effectuates various symptom sets aside from those mentioned above.

Look at the date of this post.

Then there is the Starlink satellite network that is connected to every
smartphone and graphene-saturated human being who took the Covid

And that’s just the tip of the Covid genocide iceberg.

I was Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and have run a Covid
Telemedicine Clinic since December of 2019. Also a Vaccine
Consultant servicing career-long clients who have been seriously
vaccine-injured. Hence, we have seen LOTs of anecdotal evidence
that supports every statement in this response. Of course, the
scientific and circumstantial evidence is now pouring in.

We wrote the first article on Internet exposing the Plandemic on the very
day that Wuhan was first covered by the MSM here:

You are right, there are contradictions everywhere, but that’s only
because the entire Alt Media refuses to understand the true narrative
that we have been posting for well over a year.

Here, read this:

Btw, we are posting this detailed response — without your email — so that
other folks will correctly understand the real Covid scheme … what we
purposefully memed OPERATION COVID-19.

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