“FDA is essentially helping Pfizer unload millions of doses of their failed vaccine on unsuspecting people.”

Is America Waking Up?

Posted By: Liberty_Lady

During one of Mike Adam’s interviews with Bobby Kennedy jr., one of them said that the FDA was essentially helping Pfizer unload millions of doses of their failed vaccine on unsuspecting people.

That was no surprise as the FDA has always run interference for Big Pharma. Or did you think that the FDA tested every new drug before allowing it to be sold? No, they allow the pharmaceutical companies to do their own testing. And, yes, that is putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. It has always been an incestuous relationship as people pass back and forth through the revolving door to work at one place and then the other.

So this is not the first time this has happened. There is a book called, “Mary’s Monkey” about the polio vaccine in the fifties when it was discovered that the vaccine had ‘accidentally’ been contaminated with live monkey cancer cells. With two million doses still on the shelf, what were they to do? They kept right on giving it to people, mainly children. Twenty to thirty years later, there was an explosion of cancer in our population. But, I’m sure that was just a coincidence.

The Globalists have been searching for the perfect way to depopulate the earth for a long time. This is not their first rodeo. The latest stunt was the FDA announcing that they had approved the Pfizer vaccine for use so that people couldn’t use the fact that the FDA had refused approval as an excuse not to get it. But, that was a shell game. They granted approval for a vaccine that isn’t even available in this country as I found out last week. They made it sound like they had approved the Pfizer one, but all they did was extend the emergency use of it. I’m not even sure that is legal. But some lawyers will be looking at that.

The second amusing news report was the truck rollover that was carrying doses of Moderna vaccine. After it leaked out, the Department of Defense was immediately notified. Workers arrived dressed in HAZMAT suits. The airspace for five miles in every direction was shut down. And the spilled vaccine caused the asphalt to bubble and liquify. What in the hell is in that vaccine to cause something like that to happen?
And, this is one of those ‘safe and effective’ vaccines they want to put in the arm of every man, woman, and child?
Posted By: Liberty_Lady

I’ve had HAZMAT training over several years time and I can promise you they don’t respond to every jackknifed or rolled over semi like that. It has to be something potentially life-threatening to call in HAZMAT teams, much less shut down the airspace.

The best news I’ve heard lately are the numbers of people in the US and around the world who are finally waking up and pushing back against this medical tyranny. My daughter, who is a nurse, working in a large hospital in a blue state, has gathered not only the other nurses but all health care workers to a meeting on how best to fight this medical tyranny.

I was expecting a handful to show up to the meeting because people are afraid of losing their jobs. Seven hundred showed up the first night. Standing room only. They had to move the meeting for the next night to a conference room in a hotel. Again, standing room only. The second meeting was open to the public. There were military people, lawyers, and their state rep. was on Skype. One of the lawyers explained the difference between mandates and the law among other things.

I was pleased to read at Brighteon that the Tea Party has organized protests in sixty cities across the country.

Finally, I can promise these Globalists poison pushers, there is nothing quite like an American who’s now fully awake and pissed off at the damage that’s been done by their own government and agencies that are supposed to be watchdogs for the public’s health and safety. I wouldn’t want to be standing in their shoes for any amount of money. They are truly ‘Dead Men Walking’. Mike Adams can call for peaceful resistance all he wants. I do too. But, if my one and only vision I’ve ever had is still correct, don’t count on it. And, I can’t blame them.

To find out that these vaccines, they were told were perfectly safe and were going to protect them and their loved ones from a disease , that if it even exists, is no more deadly than the seasonal flu and instead the vaccines are nearly 100% guaranteed to kill you from the day of injection to 2-3 years later, would be enough to make me go postal.

I just heard over my scanner as I was writing this, that our fire and rescue had been called to the house of a 27-year-old man experiencing chest pain and breathing difficulties. Want to bet that he was fully vaccinated? And so it begins. How much longer can the fake government and the LameStream Media cover up this massive genocide when even members of the media are now dying?

Don’t take any of the vaccines. Don’t give up your guns. Keep this as peaceful as you can. However, I think this is about to go kinetic. And what you are seeing now is what desperation looks like. Check out stopmedicaltyranny.com

And stay safe.


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