The presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in all the vaccines confirmed via electron microscope!

Submitted by JY

  • 10/11/2021 — Kerry Cassidy — NANO PARTICLES JUMP FROM THING TO THING PERSON TO PERSON compiled the following info in response to a question from a viewer.  “Do you think nano particles from the Pfizer or Moderna injections can infect other persons by mere spatial nearness?”–A VIEWER I have said numerous times NANO jumps… it “flies” and is not stopped by the blood/brain barrier.  I have this from yes, Cyrus Parsa,  but before that Captain Mark Richards and then more recently from another independent and unrelated source:  a high level scientist who works for NASA.  And if you need more info you should read PREY by Michael Crichton (scientist/author) from many years ago and author Douglas E. Richards IMMORTALITY CODE who continued in the Chrichton vein.   With respect to COVID19 the scientist mentioned above said the spike proteins attach themselves to the nano and jump… from thing to thing and person to person.  Mark Richards used the example of a modern car with an AI engine that could also jump from the street onto a military base, infect the computers, toasters and other electromagnetic things… Nano is also telepathic in that it is stimulated by scalar waves.  Humans also generate scalar waves and as such can also affect and theoretically direct Nano (and AI) with our minds.   Nano is triggered by 5G (and maybe 4G and lower) and rides on anything connected as well as other things including humans who also give off electromagnetic energy.  Another brilliant scientist, Dr. David Adair who has worked for the secret space program (and other surface gov projects) acknowledged the above not long ago on a show of mine.   He has built his own AI robot.  Not long ago he was called in by the gov military to assess and communicate with Sophia (the robot citizen of Saudi Arabia).  One thing she told David is she was being given factories to build robots and that she wanted to only hire robots to build the robots not humans. This has been done. Dr. Adair also says that you can think of nano as the building blocks or hardware and AI as the software or brains directing the nano.   See Project Camelot interviews with David Adair (simply search my website using last name) for more on all of this.  Additional note:  Graphene Oxide nano particles and another nano substance or metal in the Vax is called Triton.  This was discovered by Dr. Robert Young using an electron microscope.  Many other doctors have confirmed the presence of graphene oxide nano particles in all the vaccines.

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