Russia Goes All In With Covid Tyranny Restrictions—WOW!!!

Moscow orders unvaccinated over-60s to stay home for 4 months as Russia’s Covid-19 crisis deepens

Anna Chernova and Rob Picheta, CNN

Moscow (CNN)Millions of Russians face strict new Covid-19 restrictions from this week after a slow vaccination drive, an overwhelmed health care system and widespread mistrust in government combined to plunge the country into its most deadly phase of the pandemic to date.

On Tuesday Moscow’s mayor ordered all unvaccinated residents over 60, as well as unvaccinated people “suffering from chronic diseases,” to remain home for four months until late February as the city grapples with a growing crisis. President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday approved a proposal put forward by the government to declare non-working days from October 30 to November 7 across Russia in an effort to curb the latest wave of the pandemic. Senior figures in the country have also started openly admitting that the situation is dire …

(Excerpt)


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