Why was the highly neurotoxic Hydra Vulgaris found in COVID-19 vaccines?!

Characterization of Neurotoxic Hydra Vulgaris Found in COVID Vaccines

Submitted by Harold Saive

(1) Microscopic “harpoons” inject swimming prey with neurotoxins” (Do harpoons qualify as “grippers”?)
(2) Hydra reproduce both sexually and by “cloning” their offspring.

Scientists genetically engineered a cluster of hydra so that under uv light the exterior cells glow purple and interior cells glow green. When the group of hydra was mixed in a blender the purple cells self-assembled to the exterior while the green cells assembled to the interior to form a new, apparently single, hydra. In order to form a hollow stem many of the green cells were “dumped”, presumably as “trash”. ie: left-over spare parts.

Note: The colors purple and green have been noted in a few microscopic reports looking for vaccine contamination. It’s possible that these colors witnessed under microscopy were reporting a “blended”, amorphous stage of hydra that were engineered to re-assemble after the vaccine was injected.

Also, it’s unknown if Hydra V. can be further engineered to survive and thrive in a non-fresh water environment found in the human anatomy.

If so, what would be it’s food source and how would it’s neurotoxin be tolerated by the human host?


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