How to safely navigate the Covid singles scene

Navigating the COVID Singles Scene

by Kalbo

For the purpose of this discussion, several theories need to be accepted as fact.  

They are:

1) The COVID vaccination contains several lethal ingredients

2) Most people that have had an injection will suffer severe health issues within 2 years

3) The health issues will result in the person’s death within 5 years

4) Some or all of the poisons in the vax are transmittable to other humans through any exchange of body fluids

5) Vaxxed women are having spontaneous miscarriages, trouble conceiving, and the few infants that are born show abnormal features and/or severe health issues

Also, let us assume that you are a single adult and active in the dating market. Let us also assume that you are knowledgeable of the dangers of the vax, and have not taken the kill shot.  

Are you willing to date someone who has had the vax and possibly several boosters?

Are you willing to have intercourse with a vaxxed person?

Are you willing to commit and build a relationship with a vaxxed person, knowing that they may soon suffer severe health issues, and perhaps die within a few years?

Are you willing to expose yourself to a possibility of your being infected with the vax’s poisons through the transfer of body fluids? 

Are you willing to receive blood plasma from a blood bank after surgery or an accident?

If these questions seem familiar, they are the same questions that were part of the singles scene in the early 1980s when the AIDS epidemic started.  The dating scene was chaotic for months, since the facts of possible transmission were not definitively known.  The reactions of the singles, especially the gay community, ranged from absolute abstinence, to monogamous relationships, to uncaring risky promiscuity.  

Given the facts we already know about the kill shots, what is your strategy for navigating the singles scene, now populated with vaxxed, double vaxxed, and triple vaxxed potential partners?  These are serious questions and involve decisions that may have life long health effects for you.  

Post your battle plans below in the comments section.  

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