Was the Queen just assassinated?

Really, was Queen Elizabeth surreptitiously assassinated?
If so, why and by who?

Liz Truss becomes UK prime minister after meeting Queen at Balmoral

That Queen Elizabeth passed just before
the highly consequential Autumn of 2022
is certainly no quirk of fate!

State of the Nation

The End Of An Era

“The current feeling of uncertainty and insecurity, and of long-
established norms and paradigms collapsing, cannot be better
underlined than with the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II
yesterday at 96. She was world famous for being THE Queen
in a way no monarch, British or otherwise, likely will ever be
again. She was also the one personal, not political, institution
that most Britons could still respect, and her absence leaves a
vacuum in a divided country already unsure of itself, cut loose
from other anchors, and buffeted by many storms.”

—  Michael Every via Rabobank

While the preceding quote refers specifically to the United Kingdom, it could easily be applied to every nation on Earth in 2022.  For the Age of Ignorance is coming to an end as folks in every country slowly awaken from their slumber and enter the realm of raw truth and stark reality.

In a sense, it was Queen Elizabeth, through her very presence, that assured us all that things were okay in the world (even though they weren’t).  After all, if she could still effectively function — AT 96 YEARS OLD — as the reigning monarch of what was once the ‘greatest’ empire on Earth, things must be going along just swimmingly.

Therefore, the time of her passing, just before the ominous 9/11 date and before the dreaded Autumn of 2022, ineluctably marks the end of an era, as well as the turbulent transitioning into the long anticipated New Age.

However she did it, Elizabeth managed to have one foot in the old patriarchal age with her other foot planted firmly in the age of human liberation.  It could even be said that she was the original feminist, but surely not anything like the fake feminazis who strut their stuff like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney and Liz Truss.

Really, isn’t it very interesting that the Queen passed only two days after meeting Liz Truss—the official act that actually made her the UK’s current Prime Minister?!

But why is that specific event so momentous and pregnant with meaning? 

Because of who Queen Elizabeth really was … … … as well as who Liz Truss really is.

There is perhaps no other politician in the British government who is as rabidly Russophobic as arch-conservative Liz Truss.  That, right there, is a key data point.  It also represents the primary reason why her hidden Zionist masters had her stealthily installed into #10 Downing Street.

As for Queen Elizabeth’s sentiments toward Russia, expressed and otherwise, she clearly enjoyed a congenial relationship with at least three Russian Presidents. See: The Queen and Russia: From Gagarin to Putin.  Her very public and well-recorded visits with each of them reflected a genuine meeting of relatives, which they actually are although distant relatives.

If the Queen’s rich history of meeting Russian leaders is any indication, it would appear that she did not harbor any of the intense Russophobia exhibited by much of the English establishment.  For it has long been the London banksters who have been aggressively prosecuting the centuries-long war known as the Great Game against Russia, with their latest warmongering scheme being the UK-US-NATO-engineered Ukraine War.

Beginning of the End of Everything

It must be recognized that the COVID-19 biowar launched in January of 2020, as well as the subsequent Covid ‘vaccine’ genocide, mark the real “Beginning of the End of Everything”.  However, the New World Order globalist cabal directing that Plandemic and Super Vaccination Agenda have been setting up the entire planetary civilization for a much bigger series of cataclysmic events in advance of the Great Reset.

Just as the same Illuminati crime syndicates under the direction of the Khazarian mafia did with the one-two punch of World War I and 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, their plan for the third time is to so shatter the world community of nations that every country will soon beg for a One World Government.

A hot phase of World War III is an integral part of that nefarious NWO agenda to compel people everywhere to give into a global governance body that will supposedly save them from future devastating world wars.

These Neocon Zionist warmongers do not even need a protracted worldwide conflict; all they believe they need is a quick exchange of nuclear weapons (say in the Ukraine theater of war) to sufficiently scare all of humanity into a pen of compliance with their NWO agenda…ultimately leading to the establishment of a One World Government. See: Ukraine’s Top General Doesn’t Rule Out “Limited” Nuclear War

Even Prime Minister Liz Truss — ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS —  had unequivocally expressed her absolute willingness to deploy nuclear weapons just prior to her being undemocratically selected as prime minister. (See: Liz Truss ready to press nuclear button and unleash ‘global annihilation’)

KEY POINT: As a matter of historical fact, it was the very same Khazarian nuclear terrorist group that was behind the development and dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan during WW2, the 1986 radioactive explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the secret nuclear weapons program conducted at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, among other nuke power plant catastrophes including the Three Mile Island partial meltdown.

Because Queen Elizabeth may have posed the single biggest obstacle to the NWO cabal’s triggering of WW3 in Ukraine by orchestrating the use of tactical nuclear weapons on both sides of the conflict, the following question must be asked.

Was the Queen surreptitiously assassinated?

Think about it: Two days after meeting with the new warmongering and virulently Russophobic PM, Elizabeth is rather mysteriously put under ‘medical supervision’; and then the Queen is suddenly gone within hours.


Because of the very rapid and surprising sequence of events surrounding the Queen’s death, and especially the reaction of King Charles to the passing of his mother, there is now no question that Queen Elizabeth was killed during her ‘medical supervision’.

Who hasn’t heard of many hospitalized patients unnecessarily or suspiciously dying during ‘medical supervision’ throughout the entire Covid era?!

However, it was Charles’ obviously scripted first speech as king that telegraphed to the whole world that something was very wrong with the Queen’s death.  It can be watched here: King Charles III gives 1st address to Britain and the Commonwealth as new monarch (Video)

It ought to be clear to every conspiracy theorist and realist by now that Queen Elizabeth was positively NOT as she was often portrayed throughout the Alt Media.  And, that because of what she really stood for, she had to be removed — POST-HASTE — if the Great Reset piece of the New World Order agenda was to be expeditiously implemented starting this September.

Which is precisely why Every Queen Basher Ought To Read This Before They Continue Their Bashing.

BOTTOM LINE: Queen Elizabeth served her (read: their) purpose of putting forward a very nice image for what has historically been an exceedingly corrupt and complicit British monarchy.  People around the whole world, and especially within the British Commonwealth, really adored her because her handlers allowed her to be who she really was—a very charming, down-to-earth, kindhearted queen (see the preceding photo).  In this way, the London banksters used her genuine motherly image to hide their multi-century crime sprees committed against humanity worldwide.  Now Charles is an entirely different person, or rather entity.  He even sounds like the insufferable Lord Jacob Rothschild when he speaks, he’s been so meticulously trained by his Crown Temple controllers.  In fact, King Charles has always been the KING of the European climate change initiatives even outpacing the Global Warming guru Al Gore.  The critical point here is that Elizabeth could not be allowed to be an impediment to the tremendously cataclysmic Great Reset that would surely cause her beloved subjects great pain and suffering.  Therefore, cold and callous Charles had to be immediately installed to do the job he’s been trained for all his life by his hidden NWO masters.  Hence, her highly calculated assassination just before 9/11 was specifically timed before this September’s planned controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System. (See: 2022/2023: The Controlled Demolition of Everything)  Yes, many will say: But she was 96 years old—why would they take her out and risk exposure?  The perps knew she had good genes and would probably outlive all of her Illuminati ill-wishers; and their urgent Great Reset (plus WW3) is their only way out of being hung live on the Internet for perpetrating their Covid Extinction Level Event. (See: KING CHARLES III Vows To Usher In ‘Great Reset’ Following Queen Elizabeth’s Death)

State of the Nation
September 10, 2022

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