ELECTION DAY 2022: The Last Election in U.S. History

NOVEMBER 8, 2022:
The Election Day
To End All Election Days

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

In case it has not yet become apparent, the American people are fast approaching this nation’s LAST ELECTION DAY.

Because the transparently stolen 2020 POTUS election remains such a festering wound throughout the entire body politic, that bloated boil will inevitably pop during this 2022 election cycle.

When well over half of the electorate has been subjected to the most intensive political gaslighting operation — BY ALL OF INSTITUTIONAL AMERICA — for two straight years, what else could be expected but an Election Day explosion/implosion?  As well as a post-election clusterf*ck as never seen before.

The CIA’s Mockingbird Media has been so brazen and strident, and so reckless and unrelenting, and so vicious and vengeful in their attacks on so-called ‘election deniers’ that it’s going to backfire—BIG TIME.

That “BIG TIME” is NOW!

Really, how can you even hold the 2022 midterm elections when it has been proven conclusively that the Democrats outright stole countless elections during the 2020 election cycle?!?!?!

So, because there was virtually no political will to seriously undertake comprehensive election reform that should have made the whole electoral system fraud-proof, it literally went in the opposite direction.  The Democrats have, in fact, gone full-bore with carrying out more vote fraud and election criminal activity than ever.

Talk about a guaranteed Election Day custerf*ck!!!

How could it not be when the Democrat Party is so desperate to steal every election in sight so as to avoid the final dissolution of their veritable crime syndicate?

Hence, what we are about to witness is the greatest number of attempted election thefts in U.S. history on November 8th.

Right vs. Left

In view of this stark reality, there can only be one outcome—a final election system collapse.  Which leaves the 2024 contest to the militias and militants to settle.


Because the lunatic-populated Left is totally dug in and will not give an inch after their many attempted Election Day steals.  We know that, yes?!

And, for the first time ever, the Right is perfectly poised to respond to the coming Democrat crime spree in a manner that will shake the nation’s foundation as never before.

What the conservatives have patiently tolerated up until now has demonstrated that many folks have the patience of Job.  Of course, their RINO representatives in Congress evoke nothing but fear and loathing given their endless treason and treachery.

However, because of what’s truly at stake with this most important midterm in history, the Right MUST act, and act decisively.

What’s really at stake?

The continuity of the American Republic—THAT’S WHAT!!!

The communist-controlled Democrat Party knows that it must win both Senate and House to implement their utterly treasonous New World Order globalist agenda.  And nothing under the sun will stop these traitorous bolsheviks … … … except an overwhelming countervailing force that can only be formed by the righteous Patriots among US.

Election PTSD

Now, what really makes this election season so explosive … so intense … so volatile … so heightened … so combustible … is that both sides of the political spectrum are suffering greatly from their respective forms of Electoral PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The Left, even to this day, was quite meticulously psycho-socially engineered to develop the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) imaginable.  Truly, these life-long liberals are really sick as in mentally ill, emotionally deranged and psychologically damaged beyond repair.  Leave it to a nonstop, nationwide, Tavistock-level, mind-control programming conspiracy that literally hijacked their small minds.  Therefore, any thought of the possibility of the Republicans taking either the House or Senate or both leaves them all in the state of collapse.  That Donald Trump could actually be appointed as the Speaker of the House, were the GOP to gain the majority, would leave them eternally apoplectic.

As for the Right, those good folks have been incessantly terrorized and traumatized by the most protracted political gaslighting operation EVER!!!  The perfidious and ever-prevaricating mainstream media has pejoratively labelled them ‘election deniers’ only because they KNOW exactly how 2020 was outright stolen.  The indisputable hard proof is so compelling that the NWO globalists use the fire hose treatment on every election-denying Patriot, in what are both public and private psyops.  Now that’s an immense psychological operation for you!  And the more the gaslighters work their black magic, the more exasperated the Right justifiably becomes.

So, you can see that what we have here is an epic and incomparable “failure to communicate”.  And, when folks simply cannot communicate (How do you ever talk to a brainwashed liberal leftie with an irremediable case of TDS?) & there’s so much at stake as in the complete destruction of the Republic, things will only go to hell in a handbasket—FAST!!!


There can only be one conclusion: we all are soon to witness the final election in U.S. history.  As the subtitle states:

NOVEMBER 8, 2022:
The Election Day
To End All Election Days

How could a 2024 POTUS election ever take place with so much flagrant fraud and election rigging and voter scams and electoral crime being committed by the Democrat Party that knows it has no other way of winning elections but to nakedly steal them.

It’s gonna be a BLOODBATH for Democrats on Election Day
unless the Democrats steal every single
election in sight across the USA.

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
November 3, 2022

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