The whole Covid Plandemic explained in just a few statements

Comment posted by Foxy28

There is no virus.

The excess deaths are due to the Covid ‘vaccines’.

The health care systems have been hijacked.

The hospitals and governments globally have been financially incentivized to classify deaths and hospitalizations as Covid.

It is EMF exposure (mainly due to the ever increasing environmental exposure to Remote Frequency) that causes exactly the same health symptoms that are being attributed to a fake virus.

Exposure to EMFs degrades your immune system. 

The Covid tests are fraudulent and are not correlated with symptoms or illness.

Existing therapeutic solutions to mitigate the symptoms from unhealthy exposure to EMF (i.e. Covid symptoms) were discouraged if not restricted or “not recommended” by our global health agencies.

This is a global psyops.

This is a global financial reset.

This is not a pandemic.

The Covid vaccines are not vaccines.

The covid injections actually degrade your immune system.

Read each of the above statements again.

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