This PROJECT BLUE BEAM psyop update is quite interesting!

Carlsbad, CA
April 27, 2023

Ufology Update: X-Man DeSouza Accuses Loeb of Promoting BlueBeam Narrative!

by Rich Scheck

Former FBI agent John DeSouza who styles himself The X-Man has accused the
Galileo Project’s Avi Loeb of complicity in promoting an official government narrative
regarding so-called UFO “Motherships!”

I have repeatedly called attention to Loeb’s suspicious background as a former
Israeli intelligence operative trained in the exclusive Talpiot Program while being
ignored by most of the UFO Community.

Now comes The X-Man to confirm my cautionary statements regarding Loeb’s ostensible
role as an advocate for what DeSouza asserts is a likely Project BlueBeam false flag
event in the near future.

The former FBI agent essentially confirms my intuition and speculative musing based
on educated guesses I make as an outsider. Here he is drawing on his extensive
knowledge as an insider to express the same ideas about the government’s plans
and Loeb’s unique part in them.

The combination of Avi co-authoring an article about Motherships with AARO head
Sean Kirkpatrick simultaneously with the BBC quoting Col. Halt from the famous UK
Rendlesham Forest event of 1980 as involving a “Mothership” along with new revelations
of the possible role of The Talpiot Program in releasing the Ukraine military files provide
more than a few dots to connect in describing a dubious official narrative.

I am reluctant to pick on Israel for all the obvious reasons but the UFO Community
does itself and the broader public a disservice by continuing to ignore the unending
spying and out-sized influence this small country plays in US foreign policy.

The upcoming trip of Speaker McCarthy to address the Knesset along with the
announced plan of presidential hopeful DeSantis to visit the Jewish State give
more evidence of just how powerful it is, especially to the extent it relies on
Cyber as the domain of power to achieve its ends.

Once again, the UFO mystery lingers around the major conflicts including the
Ukraine War where Loeb himself volunteered how strange objects seen over
the battlefield were likely “artillery shells!”

I encourage all who are worried about this Mothership scenario to listen to
The X-Man for themselves and see if you agree with his concerns about Loeb’s
role in promoting a Project BlueBeam/Psyop which I predicted last month:

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