Controlled Demolition In Progress of All
Banks That Are Not TOO BIG TO FAIL

But what exactly are the Khazarian banksters up
to with these highly premeditated acts of  financial terrorism?

Submitted by The Armchair Banking Analyst
State of the Nation

The short answer is this: The Too Big To Fail banks are stealthily being given a total monopoly over the entire U.S. banking system because they have always been completely owned and operated by the Khazarian Cabal.

In this way, when CBDC is rolled out nationwide, there will be no smaller banks in the way of the Khazarian plan to eliminate all cash and coin from the street as well as from the American banking system.  The Central Banking Cartel has had an institutional CBDC in place for quite some time undergoing beta testing.

*CBDC = Central bank digital currencies

Slowly but surely all (i) commercial banks; (ii) savings and loan associations and savings banks; and (iii) credit unions will be driven out of business or collapsed via bank runs, steep share price declines, etc.  The controlled demolitions of various banks being meticulously executed throughout 2023 are just the beginning of this long-planned covert currency takeover scheme.

The much publicized plights of the several banks which have already been shut down, forced into a fire sale and/or taken over by the FDIC are being used to scare all vulnerable banks into the pen of CBDC compliance.  These “shock and awe” controlled demolitions are also panicking the targeted banks into transitioning however the Khazarians have planned for each of them.

Let’s be very clear here: whenever and wherever it concerns anything having to do with banking, the Khazarian Cabal exerts absolute command and control over the situation.  It is in this highly controlled context that they are able to stage captivating dramas and orchestrate engrossing media reactions in order to effectuate specific outcomes.

KEY POINT: The current form of the Global Economic & Financial System was created by the Khazarian Cabal over centuries as the following exposé well explains: THE BANKSTERS: Who, What, When, Where and Why?????

Hence, what we are all witnessing today is the final stroke by the Khazarians to overtly incarcerate the American people in their new digital money matrix.  A One World Currency has always been the key piece of their New World Order agenda to lock US down for forever.


The Power That Be always look to implement the Great Reset via their time-tested Ordo ab Chao strategy.

Toward that end, there’s no better way to impose a digital currency on the world community of nations than to first engineer a total banking system collapse as the first phase of their Problem~Reaction~Solution stratagem.

Next comes the MSM choreographed knee-jerk reaction to such a global catastrophe predictably triggering universal outrage and immediate demands for currency changes across the planet.

That integral phase will then be followed by the deployment of CBDC, especially throughout United States, so that the rest of the world will have a ‘good’ example to blindly follow.

Yes, it really is a “deployment” of a monetary weapon designed to take down any person on Earth with a substandard social credit score.  In this fashion, everyone who resides in a participating NWO economy will be imprisoned in a financial penitentiary and/or enslaved on an economic plantation via their nation’s standardized CBDC.

KEY POINT: A highly respected financial commentator posted this historical and quite compelling parallel to this ongoing OPERATION BANKING SYSTEM COLLAPSE.

“The bankers did the exact same thing in 1907: “”The lesson of the Panic of 1907 was clear, though not for some six years was it destined to be embodied in legislation: the United States gravely needed a central banking system…..” (Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy [Rossmoor, CA: Concord Press, 1971], p. 45).  But in the present case, the ‘lesson’ is probably that the world gravely ‘needs’ a Central Bank Digital Currency.”

The Armchair Banking Analyst
State of the Nation
May 4, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: Here’s the real short story on how the Khazarian banksters are executing this controlled demolition of the U.S. banking system in order to accomplish the objectives well stated above:

“It is shameful and irresponsible that the Financial Times has allowed itself to be used as an instrument of short sellers and as a conduit for spreading false narratives about a financially sound and profitable bank.”

(Source: There goes the banking system … by highly purposeful design.

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