“The devil always degrades his victim before he destroys them.”

POTUS & VPOTUS Psyop Explained

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Ever wonder why the Khazarian Cabal criminally installed a transparently daft and demented, drug-addled and deranged dunderhead as POTUS in 2021?

The stark reality is that this POTUS Imposter is even much worse than that, which is why he sits in the Oval Office during this exceedingly perilous period for the American Republic.

Likewise, an intentionally incompetent and negligent, nakedly juvenile and foolish, overwhelming unseemly and embarrassing Kamala Harris was also installed as VPOTUS with highly purposeful design.

Let’s face it: there’s no better way to utterly wreck and ruin any nation than to plant  leaders who are as fundamentally treasonous as they are traitorous to the Republic.  After all, how many folks are suspicious of such a conspiratorial plot by these two super fools?.

Surely, the most effective way to achieve the swift collapse of the United States of America was to position a batty “Brandon” and “Hyena” Harris in the Executive Branch.

But why?

Because very few Americans would ever suspect these two extremely deceptive Khazarian communists of being so friggin’ dangerous, THAT’S WHY!!!

You just suspect them of being able to demolish what was arguably the greatest nation on Earth.

In point of fact, Biden and Harris are such flawed individuals and such inferior leaders that their very presence inside the Beltway seriously downgraded the country precipitously.  And that’s before they even did, or didn’t do, anything in their official capacities.

Do you see the exceedingly stealthy psyop at work here?!

These two treacherous deceivers are not even suspected of outright betraying the American people — 24/7 — because they’re such flaming fools; and they really are.  Who would ever suspect that the two most vacuous village idiots in U.S. history would ever be so perfidious, pernicious and parlous at the same time.

We’re talking about “Bonnie and Clyde” without the guns here.  Instead, they wield the world’s largest depot of nuclear weapons. as well as all sorts of other weapons of mass destruction … all of them deployable at the command of their Khazarian masters.

And that’s not even the worst of it!

These two closet communist clucks are also lifelong, hardcore cultural marxists.  It’s why the Khazarians made sure that Biden was Obama’s running mate for long 8 years to create the odious Obamanation.  In this regard, these cultural barbarians have made sure that the fabric of American society has been irreparably torn.  And so it has.

Now for the bad news.

It ought to be obvious to everyone by now that Biden’s main mission is to forever terminate America’s national sovereignty.  Completely destroying the nation’s territorial integrity by keeping the borders wide open is perhaps the single best way to accomplish this treasonous task.

With the end of Title 42, Team Biden is set to deliberately unleash the greatest invasion of illegal aliens ever to cross the souther border in one year.  The USA has already seen the largest influx of illegals under Biden compared with any other administration.

The problem with this looming emergency is that it hides a much more nefarious agenda which no one is talking about except the SOTN Alt Media news platform.

It has been proven that the porous southern border has permitted the unimpeded crossing of drug traffickers, human traffickers, arms traffickers, foreign mercenaries, ISIS & Al-Qaeda terrorists, hardened criminals and MS-13 gang members.

However, what’s people are not aware of is the sheer numbers of highly trained mercenaries who cross the border with each successive wave. In other words, tens of thousands of young militants and mercenaries are being secreted over the Mexican-US border only to be covertly ferried to cities in all 50 states.  And, these soldiers of fortune are being strategically positioned to fight against the American people when the Khazarian Cabal launches their long-planned American bolshevik revolution.

How’s that for a super psyop as a precursor to the most nation-destroying black op in modern history?!?!


So, while everyone is talking about the Biden-Harris tragicomedy duo, they’re both being cunningly used by their Khazarian masters to irreversibly collapse the American Republic.

This is perhaps the most powerful and successful psyop ever undertaken by the Khazarian Cabal, but the most difficult part of the op by far still lies before them.  And folks are waking up by the thousands as never before.

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
May 11, 2023

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