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Back in 2011, I had an epiphany that’s pursued me pretty doggedly ever since:

“Money was a great entrancement, the ultimate carrot affixed to the ultimate stick. But it was always merely an instrumentality, a means to a moneyless end. Google parlayed the traditional metrics of money, market capitalization, purchasing power, etc., to reach precisely this point. However, at a certain point-beyond, control becomes the new currency. Just as the logic and psychology of money appears to be breaking down, money is bowing out, having served its interim purpose well.”—from ‘This is Your Brain on Youtube, Pop Matters


We’re in the death throes of that ‘interim purpose’ now.

Predicting with any precision the cessation-date of an epoch-defining, 330-year credit expansion cycle is a fool’s errand. Just ask the Christian Millennial Doomsday movements. Both of them.

Referentiality becomes a big issue too. A centuries-long trend easily merges into the indifferentiable wallpaper of existence. Try to imagine the world bereft of its money-surrogates: no stocks, no bonds, no notes, no T-bills, no greenbacks. I dare you to. Heck, I dare your great-great-grandfather to.

I went on to write a short book in 2015 called East-West Dialectics, Currency Resets & the Convergent Power of One. Its narrow readership notwithstanding, I wouldn’t change much of it today.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the false dialectics. There is however one venerable split-oak that casts a mighty shade over all the others: Threat’s the tiny group exogenous to credit (i.e. its creators) and the billions of us who toil within the former’s encompassing and ubiquitous credit-web.

Sensing strains in the web after the September 2019 repo crisis, I wrote in State of the Nation in October 2019 (‘How Monetary Policy Failure Could ‘Graduate Up’ to Globalist Lock-down’), that a lockdown was imminent as capitalism itself was being rescinded before our eyes. I even used the term lockdown in the title itself. Of course I meant a ‘locking down’ of the system itself, no knowing at that time the mode or method. I suppose we’re all the wiser now:

“We’ve lost all notion of time and we don’t know what things are worth. Toss onto this bonfire physical currency (as is planned) and the economic vanishing act will be complete.”

Soros chutzpah, ‘Central Bank hubris’ and
the end of everything as we know it

Just how the Exogenous Few conduct their affairs out beyond our terrarium of dreams (Robert Pinsky) the Endogenous Many can only guess at. Surely there’s some organizing principle—familial connection, spiritual praxis, kick-ass seances, gold ownership—but who really knows?

Suffice to say their pecking order is markedly different from our own, perhaps radically so. We’re told by more than Milton (Dante and the more recent though late Derek Prince come to mind) that the demonic realm is rigidly hierarchic. Satan’s a company man and he runs a tight ship. But I don’t want to scare away men and women of scientism. Not just yet.

The fly can scarcely imagine how the spider—part architect, part sorcerer—deftly navigates the web in which the former finds itself inextricably bound. Yet there’s the spider, skittering around the stricken fly as though on a diaphanous trampoline. Those who cast the paralytic spell are immune to its immobilizing effects.

Usury installs mass paralysis so that a tiny few can fly. And yes, there are flying spiders.

The presentation that follows grew out of a recent request to develop a ‘tabletop’ discussion for local churches on the centrality of gold (and silver) in the Bible. I happen to believe gold is G-d’s money and have mentioned this more than once to distracted passers-by, causing some finally to say ‘put up or shut up’. They probably won’t be thrilled with this monumental mission-creep, ‘cause I sorta drifted.

Nonetheless in the spirit of Ezekiel 33, consider this the fulfillment of my ‘duties’ as I saw them:

If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.

To each his own blood. That is, judge to your own satisfaction as you peruse the Bible verses I’ve assembled. There’s plenty here for a secular audience as well, even if you might contract some religion along the way.

Over the years (prior to a brief writing hiatus terminated by this) I’ve popped up in various magazines and on-line journals, among them, Liberty, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, The Saker Blog, Asia Times and Ft Russ.

Key to this particular discussion are two essays I wrote for Counterpunch:

‘The Unrehearsed Flight to Transhumanity’ August 2013

The Unrehearsed Flight to Transhumanity

‘Transhumanism: the Ultimate Annihilator’ February 2015

Transhumanism: the Ultimate Annihilator

It’s only within the last few weeks, poring over the gold material, that I’ve settled on the relationship between usury and transhumanism, at least to my own satisfaction. Perhaps yours too, kemosabe? Please register your thoughts and feeling in the comment section below. I’m eager to hear.

That’s why this presentation long ago overflowed the church tabletop. It’s also why I don’t want to ramble anew in what is meant as a preface to the presentation, below.

So I’m just gonna ramble a little.

Like the expendable prior stage of a rocket as the former’s fiery hulk hurtles back to earth, usury has delivered the Exogenous Few to a trajectory just beyond our current civilization’s gravitational pull. From here on, the payload will be born aloft by transhumans, unencumbered by balance sheet constraints and with a techno-velocitized spring in their step.

The Overman is overtaking us.

At first blush this may seem like a dyssynchronous hand-off. However, usury is moving into its final exponential phase where human productivity metrics, linearly calibrated, become no earthly match for the debt-coverage ratios left in the wake of the transition.

That the necessary escape velocity would arrive, bringing with it the post-human New Age was entirely premeditated. Our economic viability was never meant to survive this era.

So yes, usury and transhumanism are linked by a shared need for speed. It’s a nihilistic need, if I might speak anthropically. To put it bluntly, needing speed, they no longer need us. Whether by benign or malign neglect, the Endogenous Many are marked for extinction. See Heidegger’s essay on technology. (We always toiled for it, not it for us.)

Nor do I see the Exogenous Few climbing away from the kamikaze crash assured by their own hubris. Their mojo derives, after all, from the Great Deceiver.

Double-entry bookkeeping (the one-step-forward-one-step-back dance craze of the Usury Era) has expended itself. Another inhuman velocitron, faster still, is commandeering the next phase of the journey.

Dear Homo Sapiens, love ya buh-bye, and not by informed consent either. If Attorney Todd Callender is correct, many erstwhile sapiens have already been relegated to Homo borgiensis status on the diversionary pretense of combatting the Reclassified Flu.

Here is Ray Kurzweil on transhumanism circa 2010:

“We won’t experience one hundred years of technological advance in the 21st century; we will witness on the order of 20,000 years of progress (again, when measured by the rate of progress in 2000), or about 1,000 times greater than what was achieved in the 20th century.”

The millennia-long purpose of usury was to harvest collective human energies, enterprise and intellect into the very project now poised to curtail the ‘worker-bee’ phase of humanity; in effect, we have been toiling assiduously towards our own demise.

Nor are they bringing us along for a ride we bought and paid for in blood, debt and tears. That would be too decent of them. (Frankly, who with a soul would want to board that roller coaster anyway?) Debt is an eschatology. The end is nigh.

The looming (and unrecoverable) global debt collapse appears neatly timed to a critical transhuman threshold or Singularity. Some devilishly clever principality in St. Paul’s spirit realm has dovetailed the two processes nicely. Make no mistake. This is a spiritually guided mission.

In the sense of a Breakaway Civilization (a topic explored by Catherine Austin Fitts and Richard Nolan), what I’ve taken to call our ‘Colonizers’ (for reasons made clear in the presentation) are likely a century or more ahead of us technologically.

Think of the Covid-19 debacle as an early instalment of us eating their road dust.

The Covid-19 technology Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea PhD is encountering in her lab research for example is, by her estimation, decades ahead of today’s generally acknowledged scientific frontier. Someone (or something) has been hard at work, most likely somewhere deep in the bowels of the military industrial complex, fueled, again, by the Faustian alchemy of ex nihilo debt-money.

Stripped of recourse to ‘their’ credit (as we soon will be), the Everyman’s plight will involve a rendezvous with the Dark Ages, and that’s the best outcome.

Meanwhile our Colonizers’ plan is to vault into the future in some kind of augmented artilect permutation; never to interface, even in a tired old exploitive context, with the burned-out hulk of greater humanity again.

During a recent Mike Adams/Brighteon interview, Dr. Paul Cottrell noted:

“There’s going to be a decoupling of capital and labour. All this economic theory is about labour and capital but when you decouple labour and capital then the whole system falls apart.”

Exactly. When the venerable Capital/Labour lever seizes up, Capitalism becomes an undefined term. The modern bond market with its negative interest rates and suspended price discovery is enacting a walking-dead parody of capitalism. After all, you cannot kill capitalism’s fundamental tenets and still wear the Adam Smith T-shirt. Well, not unless you’re the CNBC Kayfabe network.

I suggested as much in 2015:

“Soon, we will be stared in the face by the ultimate Marxian annihilator (of Hollywood Terminator complexion and proportion), a game-changing machine that promises to obliterate the age-old division between Labour and Capital. May we survive the healing of the breach, though it’s not clear how exactly. This machine will arrive courtesy of transhumanism…”

Of course, there are some untidy loose ends, things such as: G-d, souls, Jesus and such. Not surprisingly, as a Christian, these niggling points interest me rather muchly.

So, what started as a journeyman dissertation on the merits of gold has of necessity ploughed into the dreaded Deeper Questions. While making the gold-is-G-ds-money debate no less valid, it does place the monetary question in a larger, darker context.

Finally, Christians, Jews, Muslims, indeed any and all unbowed hominid friends of homo sapiens—Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic alike—have an urgent and unshirkable moral obligation to forge a defiant path back to our Creator’s version of the future.

Imago Dei. Always imago Dei.

There’s a lot more to say. But that’s enough for now.

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