Is There Probable Cause That Biden Is A War Criminal?

Nephi, Utah
September 15, 2023

by Rich Scheck

The Ukraine War appears to be a major effort by Joe Biden to cover up his family’s crimes and to distract attention from a whole range of sensitive issues regarding bio-labs, human trafficking and the diversion of aid money into the coffers of corrupt politicians starting with Zelensky.

Biden openly bragged to CFR Chief Richard Haas that he shut down the Burisma investigation into his son as Obama’s chief envoy to that troubled land when he was VP.

That and tons of other evidence indicates there is more than enough solid information for an impeachment inquiry to determine whether he aggressively promoted the tragic conflict in Ukraine by ignoring Putin’s warning and that of mainstream Western political analysts that NATO expansion would lead to war.

As things now stand, if the facts support such a conclusion, that would make Biden a war criminal under the Nuremberg doctrines that emerged after WW2.

I hope there is a thorough investigation of these facts but seriously doubt that will occur. In the current extremely divisive political environment here in the US, I am predicting a false flag event will soon occur that will provide the pretext Biden and his allies need to evoke emergency powers so they can bypass the 2024 election.

I pray my analysis is too bleak. But let’s watch carefully as events unfold in the days ahead!

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