MUST READ: PCR Tests and the Depopulation Program

PCR Tests and the Depopulation Program

Kevin Galalae
10 October 2021

Ever since the Plandemic has been started, I asked myself why the authorities insist on performing as many Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests as possible, as often as possible on the same individuals, and on as many people as possible given their invasive nature and the fact that they were never meant for diagnostic but for research purposes and are therefore inaccurate and even misleading.  The creator of the PCR test himself, Dr. Kary Mullis, has stated clearly and on many occasions that the results of the PCR tests can be easily misinterpreted to mean anything.   Well, now I know how the system is misusing them!  

The long swab inserted into the nasopharyngeal cavity all the way to the roof of the nose to collect remnants of viral RNA from the nasal mucosa, the tissue that lines the nasal cavity, damages the fascicles of the olfactory nerve, which, as it turns out, has dire consequences for human health and lifespan because the olfactory nerve is one of only two windows in the cranium through which viruses and bacteria can move from nose to brain, thus can cross the blood-brain barrier, the other one being the trigeminal nerve.    

Let me explain!

The olfactory nerve is the only cranial nerve that has stem cells which enable it to continually regenerate throughout life.  These stem cells are called olfactory ensheathing cells.  They surround the olfactory sensory axons (the appendage of the neuron that transmits impulses away from the cell body) to form the fascicles of the olfactory nerve.  In plain English, they are the cells that protect the olfactory nerve and aid its regeneration in case of damage through age or injury.  

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