RED ALERT: OPERATION COVID-19 Has 3 Exceedingly Evil Goals

I. EXTERMINATION of the White Race
II. DEPOPULATION of the Christian Nations
III. GENOCIDE of the Patriots 

State of the Nation

Hindsight is truly a beautiful thing; for as we telescope back in both time and space to January of 2020, it’s now crystal clear that “Genocide and Depopulation” is the name of the COVID-19 game.

The deeper and longer we get into the multiple Covid crime waves that have washed over planet Earth, the more difficult it is for the Covid criminal co-conspirators to hide their extremely evil intentions.

With each passing week, the real data paints an alarming picture of the well-hidden purposes of both OPERATION COVID-19 and Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Obviously there are numerous goals being achieved by OPERATION COVID-19 as there are various objectives being accomplished through the implementation of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

However, the only way to correctly understand the higher purposes is to comprehend the true depth and breadth of the nefarious KALERGI PLAN.  As follows:

The Diabolical Kalergi Plan and Extinction of the White Race

KALERGI PLAN:  What everyone needs to know

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

KALERGI PLAN: The Covert Scheme To Destroy Europe From Within

Covid Tyranny

There is simply no denying that the insidiously emerging Covid tyranny worldwide has found its most graphic and terrifying expression in those 5 nations that comprise the “Five Eyes”.

Just take a close look at the rapidly deteriorating state of affairs in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and United States. See: By all accounts, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom Italy and Israel have fallen!

Each of these English-speaking countries has been subjugated by the New World Order globalist cabal faster than you can say THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC.

But why?

Why these five nations, in particular, plus Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium and other historically white, Christian nations such as Russia?! 

Why has the original COVID-19 bioweapon targeted these nations with such a vengeance, as the weaponized Covid vaccines continue to do so with an even greater vengeance?

Because, there’s a multi-century, international conspiratorial plot afoot to wipe out the white race and Christian nations by any means necessary—that’s why!!!

In point of fact, the Covid Plandemic was conceived as the primary means to carry out this genocidal mission.  The NWO top-level decision-makers know that the greatest obstacle to the establishment of a One World Government is the freedom-loving whites and God-fearing Christians the world over.  And they certainly are!

Is the Pope Catholic?

Quite incredibly, the true answer to this question is now “NO!”

In fact, Pope Francis is so “not a Roman Catholic pontiff” it’s scary.

And, he’s not the first pope to wear a Jewish yarmulke who has worked assiduously to create a One World Government.  Got it?!?!

What’s the key point?

The global power structure is now populated with hardcore Zionists traitors whose only master sits in the capital of the long-planned One World Government in Jerusalem.

The genocidal Zionists know full well that Christendom will never — EVER — accept being subjugated by a religious race of murderers, thieves and tyrants who dramatically rejected the divinity of Jesus the Christ.  Therefore, the Covid perps are carrying out the greatest scheme of global genocide and depopulation in world history.

If you don’t know who your real enemy is,
how can you even fight the war?!


People, if folks do not wake up real fast, the American Republic will collapse faster than you can say “Twin Towers” in 2022.

Truly, the American people seem to be sleep walking into Covid oblivion, and yet we’re only moments to midnight.

That everyone in the country is not screaming about the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid ‘vaccines’ being approved for children between ages 5 and 11 is as outrageous and it is inconceivable. See: FDA Authorizes Pfizer Jabs For Children Between Ages 5 And 11

It’s not like this is the first time the American citizenry has been deliberately killed and maimed, sickened and debilitated, paralyzed and incapacitated by the very same perpetrators.

The Hidden Powers Behind
the Destruction of America


All the hard data confirms that there is a direct correlation between the high rate of Covid injection deaths and the COVID-19 vaccination programs especially in those targeted white, Christian nations. (See Table A below.)

The following irrefutable analysis fleshes out the skeleton of this vital Covid vaccine narrative.  Every person on the planet ought to be aware of this devastating conspiracy to stealthily commit the mass murder of white people and Christians worldwide.

“How the shocking Deagel projections correlate
with the deadly Covid vaccines.”

State of the Nation
November 3, 2021


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