An Open Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis Regarding Biowar Waged Against Florida

Open Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis

Office of Governor Ron DeSantis
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

November 5, 2021

Dear Governor DeSantis:

We are a large group of longtime Florida residents who have watched our skies become polluted day in and day out with toxic chemtrail aerosols sprayed by military jets.

We are domiciled all over the state and have seen a significant uptick in chemtrail spraying since Biden took office.

The “Concerned Florida Residents” who live in Tallahassee have been particularly vocal about the non-stop chemtrail spraying. See: Tallahassee Florida Chemtrailed Like Never Before

Surely you know by now that these weather modification technologies have multiple objectives where it concerns the manmade COVID-19 pandemic.

First, the chemtrail brew of various chemical and biological constituents are essentially an attack on the Florida residents living below.

Their respiratory systems are now under constant assault by the aluminum oxide, barium salts, strontium, graphene oxide, mycoplasmas, etc. that is spewed into the lower atmosphere by the chemtrail jets.

Not only does this create a favorable environment for diseases like COVID-19 to proliferate, many folks have speculated that these chemtrails are a vehicle for the systematic, wide-area and indiscriminate dissemination of the coronavirus.

Then there is the significant blocking of sunlight via chemclouds and chemcloud cover throughout the once “Sunshine State”.

This has the undeniable effect of curtailing the amount of natural vitamin D production which occurs when the sunrays interact with the skin. Who has not heard by now how important sufficient vitamin D levels are in keeping Covid at bay?!

Even the annual flu seasons were getting worse before Covid because of the added toxic burden Floridians are now experiencing from the never-ending chemtrails.

Because of the high humidity statewide and continual low pressure systems, there is now a very conducive atmosphere for the propagation of disease, especially Covid, via chemical geoengineering.

The propagation of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 can even be dramatically increased as Florida saw with the Delta variant outbreaks this year.

The geoengineers are literally fabricating a favorable atmosphere for coronavirus cluster explosions, especially in those blue counties with the highest Covid vaccination rates. (Please see the statistical analysis that follows.)

HARD PROOF: COVID-19 Surges and Outbreaks Nationwide
Caused by High Covid Vaccination Rates

What else needs to be said, Governor DeSantis?

Chemtrails + COVID-19 + Covid vaccines = Death + Disease

Please let us know how you intend to respond to what is essentially “Biological and Chemical Warfare” being waged against the great state of Florida.

Thank you for your prompt attention to the serious matter that concerns every citizen in the state.


Concerned Florida Residents

Submitted to State of the Nation
November 5, 2021

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