Democrat Nomination of Joe Biden Inflicts
Substantial Harm on an Elderly Senile Man
Who Has Dementia or Worse in Order to
Elect the Ineligible Kamala Harris as VP
on the Way to Being Installed as POTUS

“The elephant in the room”

State of the Nation

Joe Biden’s precipitous and startling mental deterioration has become “the elephant in the room” throughout the 2020 election cycle, and especially during the campaign’s homestretch.

Really, why are so very few talking heads talking about the glaring mental incapacitation of the notorious Democrat nominee for POTUS?

The President of the United States of America is only the most powerful and, therefore, the most stressful position in the world today!

And, yet, both sides of the aisle avoid the subject of Biden’s total lack of fitness to even run for President much less occupy the Oval Office.

The Biden-Harris Deception

The Democrats are obviously and cynically using Biden to elect Kamala Harris as POTUS so their silence is at least understood. See: KAMALA HARRIS: The Single Most Dangerous Manchurian Candidate in U.S. History

The Republicans, on the other hand, appear to permit such a farce to take place; unless they strategically believe Biden is too far gone to even make it to the finish line.  Nevertheless, in both cases, an old war horse is slowly being led to slaughter.

Profoundly abusing a 77-year-old man with serious cognitive failings is par for the course for the DNC … just like the DEMs conspicuously abused and took advantage of the politically inept septuagenarian Bernie Sanders over the past 2 election cycles.  Bernie, too, proved himself to be incapable of even standing up for himself, much less for his hopelessly naive quixotic supporters.

So, the DNC has a long track record of abusing and/or exploiting the old horses who refuse to just fade away.  As a matter of historical fact, the older the politico the more the Democrats seem to exploit them just as they have recklessly given Jeffrey Epstein’s colleague — Bill Clinton — platform time during the ongoing Democrat Convention—WOW—talk about in-your-face abuse of the whole Democrat Party!

Pedogate-driven psyop

The DNC has never shown any compunction whatsoever where it concerns the outright exploitation of the aged and infirmed.  They just push “Crazy Uncle Joe” out onto the biggest stage in the world and let him embarrass himself, his family, his friends and his party.

Naked elder abuse has become the vey essence of this year’s Democratic Party. “Old Joe” is trotted out into the spotlight to put on a periodic dog and pony show so that he can appear to be the life of the fast fizzling Democrat Party.  And, the worse the performance that ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden puts on, the more determined the DNC is to renew his contract.

KEY POINT: There’s only one explanation why both Joe, his wife and family have gone along with this charade—Pedogate.  They are all being blackmailed or bribed with Pedogate evidence or indulgence, respectively.

Such a transparent ploy proves that the Left is now being victimized by an extremely cunning psychological operation.  The DNC is softening up the liberal base to accept an ill-fated and truncated Biden presidency.  In this stealthy manner, Kamala Harris can be craftily installed in the White House EVEN THOUGH DEMOCRATS FLATLY REJECTED HER CANDIDACY DURING THE PRIMARIES.

This is how the DNC — actually the hidden masters who control the Democratic National Committee — have always done it.  Not only did they not properly vet Harris’ citizenship, they are grossly shirking their constitutional responsibilities once again as they did concerning Barack Obama’s amateurishly forged birth certificate.

“Biden doesn’t even
know he’s alive.”

— President Donald J. Trump

Look it, when the Republican candidate has the justifiable confidence to utter the preceding characterization of Biden, the body politic ought to know there is something very wrong with this picture.

As well as this picture.

In order to grasp the sheer depth and breadth of Joe Biden’s lack of mental fitness to hold the highest office of the land, the following videos provides a good starting point.

Watch this if you don’t think Joe Biden has DEMENTIA (Video)

Joe Biden’s Bloopers, Blunders, and Gaffes—30 of ’em! (Video)

Joe Biden ‘Before and Now’ Tells the Real Story (Video)

It’s true, until recently many folks just laughed off Biden gaffes as they would the craziness of their own ‘Crazy Uncle Joe’; however, we are now talking about an utterly lawless lifelong politico who will be 82 by the end of his term should he win.  Not only that, competent physicians have been commenting about whether Biden suffers from dementia, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or some other type of highly debilitating mental impairment. See: Does Joe Biden have dementia, cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s? (Video)

KEY POINTS: The wily ploy being used by the Democrats is to present such a broken down Joe Biden so that, should he mysteriously triumph on November 3rd, his constituency will soon feel sorry for him, wish him well upon his resignation or invocation of the 25th Amendment, and then gladly support Kamala Harris as their president after the statutory succession.  This electoral machination, however, is fast becoming common knowledge among voters of every political persuasion; hence, such a reprehensible ruse will likely be impossible to pull off, but the DEMs will still try. See: THE BIDEN DECEPTION—Only the desperate Democrats would try to pull it off

Criminality & Corruption

It cannot be overstated that Joe Biden has already demonstrated — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that he doesn’t even know when he’s committing serious criminal acts.  Both as U.S. Senator and as Vice President he proved to be totally clueless about the rule of law.  Which is another reason why the Obama administration was the most lawless and corrupt ever—Biden had an office in the West Wing.

There have actually been several patently unlawful actions performed by Joe Biden which clearly demonstrate a well-established pattern of criminal behavior over the years; and yet it’s quite likely that Biden is completely unaware of his culpability.  As for those who defend Biden’s felonious conduct by asserting he didn’t know what he was really doing, the only reasonable response would be that he should have known given his various official governmental capacities; and not to know reflects a grave lapse of judgment or hidden criminal intent on his part.

For example, there is this little crime spree that was perpetrated in the Ukraine by both Joe Biden and his son Hunter:

“By his own admission, then Vice President Joe Biden used
upwards of $1 billion of US government loan guarantees in
a bribery coercion scheme to threaten the Ukraine president
to immediately terminate the Prosecutor General who was
investigating the corrupt practices of Burisma Holdings, as
well as the involvement of board director Hunter Biden.
This criminal act constitutes a federal felony crime and
disqualifies Biden from holding public office. ”
(Source: UNITED STATES CODE: Joe Biden is permanently disqualified from holding any public office in the U.S. Federal Government)

Of course, this particular personality flaw — criminal insanity — of Joe Biden is just one of several character weaknesses that the DNC is looking to exploit to the max should he somehow win (read: steal the election) and remain in office for an appreciable period of time.

KEY POINT: Just as the nation witnessed the greatest period of lawlessness and anarchy, corruption and criminality during the 8-year reign of Obama, a Biden presidency would undoubtedly see a much longer parade of scandals as crooked Bidenites are put on super-steroids by their Deep State handlers. See: Super-Secret Globalist Scheme to Terminate the American Republic Exposed

KAMALA HARRIS: The ultimate Manchurian Candidate who could not get elected to POTUS but who may usurp the throne by way of treachery and deception


No matter what the outcome of this extremely sordid state of affairs within the Democrat camp, there will inevitably be grave consequences for the American people and the future of the Republic.  After all, the 2020 POTUS election is the most consequential in U.S. history for a number of reasons the most weighty explained here: “IT’S A FULL-BLOWN COMMUNIST PLOT” — Whistleblower Reveals the Plan

Clearly, VP candidate and comrade Kamala Harris was fastidiously groomed as the ultimate Manchurian Candidate the likes of which will make Obama look like an innocent school boy.  For this reason alone, in order to get her into the Oval Office by hook or by crook, the DNC has no concern about the degree or amount of unmitigated elder abuse they heap on ‘Quid Pro Quo Joe’.

KEY POINT: That the DEMs nominated Biden even after a Ukraine judge ordered that he be listed as a criminal defendant is both unprecedented and alarming.  This tactic is frequently used by The Powers That Be who control America’s top politicos.  With an indictment hanging over his head every single day in high office, Biden can be easily compelled or coerced to betray the American people at every turn, as most POTUSes have done since JFK.

Bottom Line: The flagrant elder abuse of Joe Biden taking place IN BROAD DAYLIGHT dramatically depicts the greatest election year deceit ever perpetrated.  It also betrays an unparalleled and complex conspiracy to manipulate the American electoral process in order to secure a victory for a POTUS candidate who is not mentally competent to run.  Similarly, all the available evidence indicates that VPOTUS candidate Kamala Harris was not even constitutionally eligible to run for POTUS, as she did, nor does she qualify to stand for Vice President. See: Professor of Law States that Kamala Harris Does NOT Constitutionally Qualify for Vice Presidency

CAVEAT: A President Kamala Harris would surely signal the end of the Republic.  Here’s just one reason why: Kamala Harris Will Give Congress 100 Days to Confiscate All Assault Weapons, Otherwise She Would Issue EO (Video)

State of the Nation
August 19, 2020

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